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Learning online has never been easier!  After 10 years of conducting workshops and presentations for educational professionals we are now expanding our online courses to serve teachers and early interventionists.  All courses contain up-to-date research, are packed with free resources, and are developed by professionals who currently carry caseloads in the field.

Simply click on a course, take a short quiz, and your education certificate will be delivered to your email instantly.

And reap huge savings along the way!

Pay as little as $15 for individual courses or access an unlimited number of courses for $79 per year with our Unlimited Access Pass. Buy courses for your entire staff and receive a huge discount with our Group and Corporate Discounts.

Are you Speech Therapist needing ASHA CEUs?

  • Earn ASHA CEUs
  • Get free speech therapy materials
  • Get Speech Developmental Norms
  • Speech Pathology Live Courses via Webinar
  • Continuing Education Courses Online

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Are you a Teacher needing PDUs?

  • Earn PDUs
  • Get free speech referral forms
  • Easily identify and help students
  • Identify Second-language Influence
  • Continuing Education Courses Online

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Are you an Early Intervention Specialist?

  • Earn PD Credit
  • Increase your parents’ involvement
  • Increase your client show-rate and satisfaction
  • Easily develop routine-based intervention
  • Improve interactions with cultural considerations
  • Live Presentations or Continuing Education Courses Online

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