Speech Therapy Apps and Programs That Solve Some of the Greatest Problems Our Field Faces

Your use of speech therapy apps or your participation in speech therapy programs and events should have a clear outcome:

You should be better, faster, smarter, and evolve as a professional in clearly tangible ways.

Amazing advances in technology have enabled us and the field of speech pathology to do things that we never could have imagined just a few years ago. We’re talking about connecting SLPs from all over the world, getting the most needed information into the hands of new SLPs so that they don’t face the same problems we did when we entered the field, and not only using new technology to slash the amount of time we spend on tasks but producing results that are better than if we did the task the old way.

These speech therapy apps and programs are our contribution to speech language pathology so that we all move the field forward and have a bit of fun and excitement along the way!

speech therapy apps for articulation testing

The Goal of Any Bilingustics Program or Speech Therapy App Development

The needs in the field of speech language pathology are so immense that when you sit back and try to take it all in, it can be overwhelming at times. There is just so much to do. Each of us at Bilinguistics came together from working in schools, clinics, early intervention programs, or other careers with a desire to fix the things that had been making our professional lives so difficult.

From caseload and workload increases, to all-consuming paperwork, feeling really isolated, to getting home late, to battling for resources, to wanting to get every diagnosis correct in the face of huge diversity and no standardized tools to help us…

Where does one begin?

With you, our dear community.

We’re a pretty small team at Bilnguistics. We knew that if we wanted to make a dent in the speech pathology universe before we hang up our lanyard and pack away our punny speech t-shirts, that we would have to get to the root of the problem immediately. So, we launched The Speech Therapy Blog and asked what you needed. You, and the other 30,000+ subscribers are not the silent type.

You share in an optimistic, yet realistic voice what you want to see changed. With our time on this planet, this is what we are dedicated to doing:

  • Ensuring that ALL SLPs can effectively treat and diagnose ANY child, regardless of home language or cultural background.
  • Dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to evaluate and dramatically increasing the accuracy of our results.
  • Connecting SLPs. Creating events where professions form strong bonds and get access to experts who have solutions to big problems.

Here’s how:

Partnerships to Create the Best Speech Therapy Apps

It brings us great joy to connect our office with developers and designers around the world who are willing to help us envision apps for speech therapy that we all can use. In many cases, we are describing things that have never been done before but it is so enjoyable. Not only are they bright and a pleasure to work with, but they also get us. When we describe how we are helping diverse kids stay out of special education, you wouldn’t believe how many of them have their own story. It usually stars with “When I was learning English…”

The Bilingual Articulation and Phonology Assessment (BAPA)

BAPA was the first ever automated articulation evaluation that tested in English and Spanish and produced the report immediately.

Evalubox – SLP Report writer

Evaluabox automates the collection of referral information and inserts parent, teacher, and health information right into the report. The report that it generates is the amalgamation of every template and blurb that we have produced and field tested in over 20 years of testing.

Unparalleled SLP Programs and Events

Conferences Targeting Our Greatest Immediate Needs

One advantage of having such a large vocal community is that we hear about problems that are developing in the field before they have completely gotten out of hand. This gives us the ability to be hyper responsive with conferences covering the exact topics for the greatest need at the exact time.

It’s why we were the only teletherapy conference held in the first year of the pandemic. It’s how we were able to present a conference on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 10 months before ASHA launched it’s DEI requirements. It’s how we were able to create an extremely specific conference on speech sound disorders with four of the world’s leading published researchers. Our conferences are online, recorded, and free for SLP Impact Members.

An All-Inclusive SLP Community

Yes there are places online to get CEUs. Yes, there are communities of SLPs. Yes, there are therapy video tutorials spread around social media. And yes, many of us know SLPs we can reach out to when we have tough questions about therapy and evaluations.

But what if we combined all of this in one place?

SLP Impact is our way of ensuring that every SLP gets the information they need at the moment they need it most. You will definitely become better at serving diverse children and become more effective at your job. We don’t know everything though but now have the power to connect you with the right people who do! SLP Impact includes all of our online courses, free access to our conference, a How-to SLP Video Library, and access to us for help.

Support for Professors and the Next-Gen SLPs

Have you ever caught yourself saying: “Why didn’t I learn this in grad school?” Too true and too common. Professors, we love that you have been using our materials and sharing information about our speech therapy apps with your students. We now have made this easier by launching a way for your students to take our courses related to the subject your are teaching while you get their results.

Our dream is that every brand-new SLP doesn’t even bat an eye at doing a bilingual evaluation and effectively accounts for language differences in their treatment goals.

International Study Abroad Trips

Our practice has changed dramatically from visiting the countries that our students come from and hearing from their educators. Now, you can come along and have the same experience. We have partnered with TherapyAbroad to host annual CEU conferences and work with amazing international professionals in beautiful countries.


To sum it up, we want every speech therapy app we create and every event we hold to inspire awe in you. To reinvigorate you to keep fighting the good fight and to give you time back to enjoy the miraculous diversity that walks through your door each morning.


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