Our Austin-Based Speech Language Pathologist Team

Our Austin speech language pathologist team is internationally recognized for our Austin speech therapy services, workshops, books, and courses.  We specialize in bilingualism and directly help SLPs become the best they can be in our community at SLP Impact.

Ellen Kester Founder of Bilinguistics Speech Therapy Clinic

Ellen Kester

Ph.D., CCC-SLP, President & Founder of Bilinguistics

Speech Language Pathologist

Dr. Kester founded Bilinguistics to meet the speech and language needs of children from diverse backgrounds. She provides workshops around the United States and beyond on bilingualism, assessment of bilingual students, and effective intervention practices. Dr. Kester periodically teaches courses at The University of Texas at Austin in language development, assessment and intervention, early childhood intervention, preschoolers with special needs, and measurement. Her research and clinical work address the important issue of differentiating bilingual children with typical development from those with language impairment, and identifying appropriate goals for intervention with bilinguals.

Ellen’s passion for languages started when she lived in Asia as a teenager.  She learned to speak a little Malay and Mandarin and studied French while in Asia.  She then returned to Texas several years later and decided Spanish would be more useful.  She dove into the world of bilingual assessments in graduate school and that continues to be her passion in the field of speech-language pathology.  When she’s not working, she loves being on the tennis court or traveling with her husband and three children.

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Scott Prath Vice President of Bilinguistics

Scott Prath

M.A., CCC-SLP, Vice President

Speech Language Pathologist

Scott has been working as a bilingual speech pathologist in Austin, Texas since 2004 and is the Vice President of Bilinguistics.  

He has worked in Early-Childhood Intervention and currently serves bilingual children in the schools and clinic setting. His research focuses on developing protocols, materials, and professional development to better serve special population such as Autism, VPI, and second-language learners.

Scott presents to Speech-Language Pathologists nationally and internationally, and translates for the Spanish-speaking community in Austin. His conversations and presentations are fun, circuitous rides that weave quotes, history, and humor into any discussion.  Scott is masterful and methodical at turning the passions and interests of the staff into the books, presentations, and courses that you see throughout this website. 

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Chelsey Contillo Bilinguistics Clinic Supervisor

Chelsey Contillo

M.A., CCC-SLP, Clinical Supervisor

Speech Language Pathologist

Chelsey earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) from the University of Florida. She taught in an elementary school for one year before earning a Master of Arts degree in CSD from her alma mater. Chelsey’s experience providing speech and feeding therapy to children at a clinic in Beijing was transformative. She had the opportunity to volunteer at nearby orphanages and educate caregivers on language development and safe feeding practices for children with severe disabilities.

Chelsey values her relationships with families and especially enjoys the parent/caregiver engagement in early childhood intervention. She brings all of her experience and expertise to her role as Clinical Supervisor for Bilinguistics.  Chelsey has a working knowledge of Spanish language and is continues improving her Spanish language fluency to provide services to Spanish-speaking children.

Chelsey was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and moved to Austin for her final semester of graduate school. She fell in love with the city’s charm and decided to stay for another 5 years. Following her adventurous spirit, Chelsey moved to Beijing, China for one year before spending time in California’s Bay Area. She’s returned to Austin with a family in tow and is thrilled to be reconnected with her community.  Chelsey can be found around town eating tacos, riding her bike, dancing, and chasing after her toddler.

Allison Long Speech Language Pathologist

Allison Long


Speech Language Pathologist

Allison earned her Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Literature from Northern Illinois University. She received her Master of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology from Texas Woman’s University. Following graduation, she had the opportunity to work in a central Texas school district where she discovered her love of working with children 3 to 4 years old. She is a passionate bilingual speech language pathologist and loves working with bilingual children.

Allison was born in Texas and roamed around the world before settling back in Austin. Allison’s first language is English, but she worked her way through Portuguese and French before learning Spanish in her mid-twenties. Allison was a response-to-intervention teacher before becoming a speech therapist in Austin. During her downtime, Allison loves to knit, go on nature walks, and binge-watch British mysteries.

Samantha Lovegren Uribe Speech Language Pathologist

Samantha Lovgren-Uribe


Speech Language Pathologist

Samantha has been a speech pathologist in the Austin area working in speech therapy clinics and schools. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and Speech-Language-Hearing from the University of Kansas and Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders from The University of Texas at Austin. She worked with bilingual children of all ages as a teacher with Teach for America and as an ELL facilitator with Head Start and Early Head Start.

Samantha co-authored an article published in the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology on Spanish grammatical forms used by bilingual speakers in the U.S.

Samantha is always in search of new adventures. Whether her travels take her internationally or to her own backyard, she loves listening to and learning from the locals. She often takes road trips on the weekends with her family to explore sites in and around Austin.

Angie Huang Speech Language Pathologist

Angie Huang

M.A., SLP-Intern

Speech Language Pathologist

Angie is a first-generation Chinese American who was born and raised in Dallas Texas. Angie graduated with her Master’s in CSD from Texas State University and is excited to work with children and families from all different backgrounds, ensuring that they access the education they need in order to thrive.

Before starting graduate school, she immersed herself in her native language and culture and spent 6 months in her mother’s hometown, Xiamen. There she saw first-hand the large gap of speech pathology related services in China. She loves being a Mandarin-speaking speech language pathologist because she sees the beauty and power of bilingualism.   

In her spare time, Angie loves to take photos, travel, eat and cook new foods, explore the great outdoors, and tend to her plants and needy cat, Ray.

Alyson Hendry – she/her/hers


Speech Language Pathologist

Alyson is one of our tele-SLPs, providing telepractice speech therapy and evaluations virtually to our Austin clients.  
She is a Missouri native and graduated in 2009 from Truman State University, in Kirksville, MO with a Masters in Communication Disorders and a minor degree in Spanish. She moved to Austin for her clinical fellowship, where she had the opportunity to work with many Spanish-speakers and continue to refine her Spanish skills.  Alyson worked full time at Bilinguistics for 6 years, providing speech therapy services in our contracted school districts and our pediatric clinic.  Additionally, Alyson has presented with us for local and state presentations, and has participated in the development of many of our current products and resources for clinicians, including our Literacy Based Intervention Kits and Difference or Disorder?

Alyson loves a good challenge and adventure.  After she left Austin, she expanded her clinical practice as a traveling therapist, working with adults with cognitive and swallowing needs, and then finding her passion with interdisciplinary early intervention and family coaching.  She also has over 3 years of experience as a tele-therapist, serving children and their families from the East to the West coast.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, she committed her time to supporting other clinicians in developing their telepractice skills and finding ways to manage stress.  

Her interests and hobbies include traveling and nearly any outdoor activity- hiking, camping, biking, paddle boarding, gardening, laying at the park with a good book.  She is also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and always loves to support her colleagues and clients in establishing and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  

Alyson has lived in Texas, California, Oregon, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and now resides in Louisville, KY with her partner and dog, who is slowly training to become a service dog (he makes frequent appearances to do tricks during tele-speech therapy sessions!). 

Maritza Jacobs Office Manager & Austin Speech therapist Patient Coordinator

Maritza Jacobs

Office Manager

Maritza brought her grit from a lifetime in Cleveland to Bilinguistics in 2009.  She is the air traffic controller making sure that families get paired with the best speech therapists in Austin.  Families begin their phone conversations with lots of questions and leave feeling better and knowing they are taken care of.  She is no-nonsense and has the biggest heart you’ve ever known.