Getting early intervention professional development has never been easier!

Early Intervention Professional Development

Half of the children enrolled in early intervention have communication difficulties.

JOIN the growing numbers of early intervention specialists who are increasing their confidence when working with children with communication delays and with children who speak a second language!

EARN early intervention professional development units while learning about the speech and language development of the children you serve.  These courses do not award credit from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA).  Click here to see speech therapy courses.

IMPROVE your interactions with families by learning about the social influences that affect their follow-through and attendance rate.

Bilinguistics has been researching, publishing, and presenting on early intervention since 2002.   These courses are approved by Texas and the number of additional states is growing. Not sure if these courses are accepted in your state?  Contact Us and we will apply for approval.

Early Intervention Professional Development

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4 Lessons Learned About Our Global Role as SLPs

On our professional development trip to Belize we were in a country and environment that couldn’t have been more different from the lives we lead and the places we work back home. The people, languages, climate, culture, resources, and educational system were all unique. And yet, we met families and

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We are packing up and flying out this weekend to meet the 40+ SLPs who will be joining us in Belize for a week of fun and learning about working with diverse cultures. Daily videos, pictures, and posts will primarily be shared on Instagram but also through Facebook, LinkedIn, and

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I have to admit, I LOVE working in elementary schools. This became crystal clear to me when I was offered the chance to do testing and cover a maternity leave at a middle and high school. You’ve seen the front office of elementary schools. Lots of smiles, primary colors, and

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