Demand the best out of the time you spend earning ASHA CEUs. We do.

Earn ASHA CEUs that are fast, affordable, research-based, AND practical. We need course content that shows how to apply ideas to a caseload, contain the materials needed to get up and running right away, and have training videos to be able to see exactly what to do.

Welcome to Our Speech Continuing Education Library.

Most Popular Speech Pathology CEU Courses

Free Courses for ASHA CEUs

If you are new to Bilinguistics, start with one of our free courses for ASHA CEUs. We know from years of offering speech pathology CEUs online that most people who take a course with us come back and take many more. Or, they get all their CEUs for less by joining our SLP Impact Community

Why do we offer free SLP CEU Courses?

free asha ceus

We are convinced that once you see how easy it is to get needed information, templates, speech therapy training videos, and speech therapy materials, all in 60 minutes, you will consider our other speech therapy courses. So let me tell you about our free CEUs for speech pathologists, then take a course, and head back to all of our speech pathology continuing education courses to find exactly what you need to help you do your job better today!

Navigating Ethical Predicaments cuts to the heart of some really difficult issues for SLPs. We have an always-increasing amount of work with limited time and resources. Sometimes, despite the best intentions, we are asked to make compromises we may not be comfortable with. Secondly, training programs in our field have not kept pace with the increased diversity of our caseloads. What do we do when we are expected to treat or diagnose a child whose linguistic and cultural background we might not yet have experience with? This course is fun and thought provoking, which is why it is our most popular course for free SLP CEU courses.

Align Therapy to the Curriculum is a really fun way to earn free speech therapy CEUs and also comes with a couple added bonuses. The research that is presented not only demonstrates better outcomes in speech therapy but simultaneously teaches you how to reduce planning and prep time. Not only that this course includes materials for you to get up and running immediately.

What I love about the free speech pathology CEUs course on Serving Children in a Life Skills Classroom is that, if we can do our jobs well when children have multiple disabilities, regular therapy becomes a piece of cake. One problem with working in this environment is that we are continually having to create new materials because of the variety of disorders we see. That, and working in groups is tough, which means more individual sessions. Of all the courses out there offering free SLP CEU courses, this is the best course for addressing a difficult topic head-on with video examples and giving you the materials you need to be successful.

Speech Pathology CEUs on Articulation and Phonology

Yay Artic and Phonology! Now let’s hit cleft palate, VPI, stuttering, and do it all well even when a student is bilingual and has a second sound system! ASHA CEUs that focus on speech need to deep dive on the stuff that is still tough for many of us. We built these speech pathology continuing education courses to expand out in every difficult direction.

Speech Language Pathology CEUs Focused on Language

There are so many really fun directions to go with language therapy and evaluating. There’s vocabulary, syntax for the grammar nerds, and our favorite; literacy-based intervention. Language therapy gives us the greatest opportunity to simultaneously improve academic abilities while communication is improving because the two are so intertwined. These language therapy courses take advantage of the extra exposure students get to the curriculum topics to make vast improvements in their communication.

Assessment & Evaluation Courses

You know you need to click on these courses!!! Evaluations are so tough, so time intensive, and always unique. Did you know that we conduct several hundred evaluations every year? Did you know that the majority are bilingual evals? This is one area where we know you can dramatically reduce time and improve your reports because we see it firsthand each days with the SLPs we are working with.

Bilingualism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Courses

It’s in our name. It’s in our stated mission to give SLPs the ability to serve all children equally. It’s why we get out of bed each morning. We love the diversity and culture that greets us when the school bus door opens. And, it’s our promise to you that you can serve diverse students as well as we do. We know it gets scary sometimes when you are up against a language you don’t speak or have never seen. But you just need to do a few things differently. In our speech therapy courses on diversity, we share how to do this passionately.

So Many Courses Online for Speech Pathology CEUs. Why choose us?

You have so many options for ASHA CEUs these days and there are some really great researchers and professionals in our field sharing what they know. But we have a very unique approach to providing speech pathology CEUs that has kept people coming back for 20 years.

When we set out to build an ASHA CEU course library, we wanted to solve a big problem we saw for speech therapists:

  • Some great researchers put together courses for online slp CEUs, but we weren’t sure how to apply their findings to our caseloads.
  • Some great therapists were sharing their ideas, but were they backed up by research?
  • Many of the ideas, research findings, and materials presented were awesome, but they didn’t work with diverse or bilingual kids.
  • SLPS want to earn CEUs for less than what most people were charging.

It’s nobody’s fault! Clinic and school SLPs are busy and the opportunities to research and present are limited.  University researchers sometimes have limited access to subjects to apply their research. But at the end of the day, SLPs still need evidence-based, functional strategies to evaluate and treat.

That’s where we come in:

  • We maintain caseloads which means what we are teaching has been researched, tried out, and works.
  • We teach, run a clinic, and work in the schools so we speak for ALL of YOU!
  • At the same time, we are published researchers.
  • The research-based solutions we present work with diverse populations, just like your caseload, just like ours.
  • The courses are packed with speech therapy training videos so you can see exactly what to do.
  • We make it affordable for you. All courses are only $15 per CEU hour or $8/month for all of them.

So, our speech pathology CEUs are a good fit for you if you work with diverse kids, if you are a visual learner and want to see how we get the results we do, if you want therapy suggestions backed up by evidence, if you need therapy materials to get started, and if you are limited in time or budget.

What if I need to earn a lot of ASHA CEUs or see a lot here I want to take?

This is where it gets easy.  We put all of our courses with ASHA CEUs in one place and we are also available to answer your questions through a forum and biweekly master classes and Q&As.

It’s called SLP Impact and it is a community of over 1000 SLPs who are earning ASHA CEUs, having fun, and are providing better services while at the same time learning how to do their job more efficiently.

There has never been a faster way to earn speech therapy CEUs and get support at the same time.  And SLP Impact Members attend all of our speech pathology conferences for free!  How’s that for a great deal?

Unlimited Access to All Courses – SLP Impact

free asha ceus at SLP Impact

Speech Language Pathology Continuing Education Courses FAQ

Here are answers to the most common questions we get about our speech pathology courses. Not seeing what you are looking for or need more information? Contact us, we’re here to help!

Do I need to pay an annual subscription to take these online CEUs for speech language pathologists?

No, all courses can be taken individually. However, we do offer a huge discount because members of SLPImpact have unlimited access to all of our online speech CEUs for one price.

What if I have a question about one of the speech therapy courses or want more information?

All of our authors are accessible and happy to communicate with you. Contact us and let us know how we can help you, and let us know the best way to reach you.

How much do the courses cost?

Each course is $15 per CEU hour. For example, a .1 CEU course is $15, a 90 minute course is $22, a 2 hour course is $30, etc.

What do I do if I have technical problems with a course?

We apologize for any inconvenience. From within each course you can contact us directly or please reach out to us and we’ll address the problem immediately.

Can I purchase multiple courses at a discount?

Yes! By becoming a member on our SLP Impact Community, you can take any or all of our ASHA approved CEU courses for an entire year.

I want to buy for all of my staff members. Can multiple speech therapy courses be purchased for a group?

Definitely! By joining our SLPImpact Community as a Team, your entire staff gets access to our entire CEU course library, access to Bilinguistics for questions, monthly masterclasses, free attendance to virtual conferences with experts in our field, and access to over 40 video tutorials about therapy and evaluating.

Can I suggest a topic for a course?

Absolutely. Did you know that we created our first course for Asha CEUs in 2002? Scares us to think about that but ever since, we create courses based on what our blog community of over 30,000 subscribers say they need the most. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you are struggling with or want more information on. You should definitely earn ASHA CEUs for whatever you are researching or trying to learn about.

Do you do live presentations or present this information in person?

Yes. We travel to school districts, universities, and conferences almost monthly presenting tailored speech pathology courses. These presentations can be half day, full day, in person, or via zoom. That way you and your district or region get exactly the information that you are needing. All of our presentations also meet ASHA CEUs requirements which we can register for or you can register on your end. Visit: Workshops and Presentations

Questions About ASHA CEUs Requirements and Certificates

When are CEU courses reported to ASHA? Will I receive credit for the correct date that I took the course?

Reporting is done monthly. ASHA CE Providers have up to 45 days from the course’s end date to report your course completion. Once ASHA CE receives the reporting, processing time usually takes one week. During periods of heavy volume, processing time on their end may be longer.

Therefore, you may not see your course on the ASHA transcript immediately after completion. Your completion certificate accurately shows the date that you completed the course.

Although the courses are reported quarterly, the CEU credit on your transcript will reflect the month in which you took the course.

I took a course before but have lost the certificate, can I get another one?

Yes, records are kept for three years. Contact us directly and provide your name, the name of the course and the date that you took the course.  We will produce a new certificate for you and email it for free.

How do we convert ASHA CEUs to hours (.1 CEU vs. 1 CEU)?

This is super confusing for most of us but here’s how it works. Within a 3 year cycle an SLP needs 30 hours of continuing education or basically 10 aSHA CEUs per year.  So one hour equals .1 CEU. Your certificate needs to say the correct decimal amount but it is easier to convert ASHA CEUs to hours for your records to know where you stand.

How to Calculate ASHA CEUs

How many CEUs are needed by an SLP for ASHA?

how many CEUs for slp asha 10 hours of ASHA CEUs are required each year. ASHA CEUs are required to be reported in three-year intervals so you have 3 years to take 30 hours of courses certified for SLP CEUs to meet this requirement.

How to Calculate the number of ASHA CEUs

What is the difference between ASHA CEUs and other Speech Pathology CEUs?

ASHA approved CE providers must meet stringent standards set by ASHA’s Continuing Education Board. Only activities offering ASHA CEUs can be posted on your registry transcript. There are other types of Speech Pathology CEUs and credits in the marketplace. For example, some states offer speech therapy CEUs which meet their requirements but they have not submitted to meet ASHA CEUs requirements for maintaining your CCCs.

ASHA only regulates ASHA approved CEU courses and does not regulate other types of credit. We advise you to contact your state licensing board to see what other types of credit are acceptable toward your licensure requirements.

Will Bilinguistics speech pathology courses be recognized by my state?

If your state recognizes ASHA CEUs (which, to our knowledge, all of them do) then our courses can be used for maintenance of state licensure.

State-by-State (

I didn't receive a CEU certificate in my email. What should I do?

First, please check your SPAM folder. The CEU certificate is generated as a .pdf file and some mail servers first treat it as spam. Additionally, your progress is always saved on your My Account page which you can access from the top menu and reprint your speech CEUs certificate at any time.

If you still cannot find your certificate, please email with your name, course title, date you took the course and we will be happy to send it to you.

How do I receive my ASHA CEUs after taking a course?

Upon completion of a course, the certificate of completion can immediately be downloaded and is also emailed to you as a .pdf document.

You must provide your ASHA number in order to receive credit for any courses taken. You can check to make sure your ASHA number is correct and entered on your My Account page on the top menu.

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