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Knowing that your child or loved one is not communicating like others their same age can be scary.

 We can help improve their communication skills.

Thankfully, we have highly qualified speech-language pathologists with vast experience who can help your child progress.

It all starts with an evaluation at our Austin speech therapy clinic.

We start by identifying your child’s strengths, and we develop a plan to address communication needs by building on the strengths.  This provides us with a map to get communication up and running.  The best part is that we will work together and you will have specific goals to focus on at home to help along the way.  Schedule an evaluation.

Why Bilinguistics?  Our team is here to help you by providing:

  • Fun and educational family-based therapy:  We work closely with families to improve communication using the family’s routine, not by adding something new.
  • Real results:  We develop unique therapy programs based on the latest research to achieve the fastest progress possible.
  • Convenient service =  greater participation:  We provide individual and group therapy in our clinic.
  • Highly qualified professionals:  ALL of our services are provided by master’s level, nationally certified speech-language pathologists.
  • And, we are experts at what we do: We provide professional development for other Speech Pathologists and provide Ethics training throughout the nation.

Our team’s specialized skills:

Domains of Communication: articulation/phonology, language delay, language disorders, auditory processing, stuttering/fluency, resonance/voice disorders, swallowing/feeding, social/pragmatic language

Special Populations: autism, Down syndrome, cleft lip/palate, apraxia, learning disability, intellectual disability, selective mutism, hearing impairment, multiple disabilities

Treatment Techniques/Programs:Social Thinking®; Routines-Based Early Intervention (sign language/baby signs/language enrichment); Literacy-Based Intervention; Alternative and Augmentative Communication/AAC; bilingual services; discrete trial teaching; intensive therapy; maximal opposition; generalization; multi-sensory cues; use of movement and music; oral motor skills.

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