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Many children do not develop communication skills similar to their peers. We can help.

We can assist your child to learn to communicate their needs and wants effectively.

We have highly qualified speech-language pathologists with vast experience who can help your child progress.


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It all starts with an Evaluation in our Speech Therapy Clinic in Austin, TX or via teletherapy.

We start by identifying all of your child’s strengths.  All children communicate.  Children begin communicating through sounds, gestures, or behaviors.  This information tells us where to begin and gives us a road map to make your child’s communication grow.   

Ready for Speech Therapy in Our Austin Clinic?

young girl attending children's speech therapy austin tx

After the speech language evaluation is when the fun starts!  The evaluation process gives us goals to work on with your child.  We use these goals to guide intervention during the sessions and then talk about ways you can continue the progress at home.

Attend speech therapy in-person in our Austin clinic or via teletherapy using your computer or iPad.  

Let’s say your child is working on building his vocabulary. We do activities to practice the words he can say and learn more.  Then we find ways at home, in the car, even the grocery store to practice growing his vocabulary throughout the day. 


Our team of speech language pathologists specializes in:

Domains of Communication: Articulation/phonology, language delay, language disorders, stuttering/fluency, resonance/voice disorders, swallowing/feeding, social/pragmatic language

Special Populations: Autism, Down Syndrome, Cleft Lip/Palate, Learning Disability, Intellectual Disability, Selective Mutism, Hearing Impairment, Multiple Disabilities

Treatment Techniques/Programs: Social Thinking®; Routines-Based Early Intervention (sign language/baby signs/language enrichment); Literacy-Based Intervention; Alternative and Augmentative Communication/AAC; bilingual services; intensive therapy; maximal opposition; generalization; multi-sensory cues; use of movement and music; oral motor skills.

Why Bilinguistics?  

Bilinguistics has been providing pediatric speech therapy in Austin, TX since 2002.  We are also one of the few Austin speech therapy clinics to work with children who come from any language background. 

  • Fun and educational family-based therapy:  We work closely with families to improve communication using the family’s routine, not by adding something new.
  • Real results:  We develop unique therapy programs based on the latest research to achieve the fastest progress possible.
  • Convenient service = greater participation:  We provide individual therapy in our clinic.
  • Highly qualified professionals:  ALL of our services are provided by master’s level, nationally certified speech-language pathologists.
  • And, we are experts at what we do: We provide professional development for other speech-language pathologists and provide ethics training throughout the nation.

Do you need Spanish speech therapy or speak another language in the home?

bilingual speech therapy

We provide speech therapy in our Austin clinic for children who speak many languages including: English, Spanish, Telugu, Nepali and Mandarin.  Bilingual speech therapy ensures that a child who speaks two languages is able to focus on improving true communication deficits and not spend time trying to correct language patterns that are common for all bilingual children.

A bilingual evaluation helps us determine whether a bilingual child’s communication are true difficulties or differences related to their second language.  With a proper diagnosis in place, bilingual speech therapy can rapidly move a child through their goals while taking into account the following:

  • Language Differences: Grammatical structures vary across languages. A knowledgeable bilingual speech therapist focuses on the language processes that are shared by both languages and understands when errors are the result of the second language.
  • Accent, Dialect, Phonetic Patterns: A child may seem unintelligible because they are using the sounds of their native language. Bilingual speech therapy focuses on the shared sounds of both languages.
  • A Silent Period: This commonly occurs when a child is first exposed to a new language because of the amount of information that the child is absorbing and learning. It can appear like the child doesn’t understand or is unable to communicate.
  • Codeswitching- Intentionally alternating between two languages on certain phrases or words is a natural process but can be mistaken for “not speaking either language well.” There are common patterns that can be identified with a bilingual speech therapy approach.
  • Language Loss: Some individuals lose skills in their primary language if it is not reinforced or maintained. Bilingual speech therapy is necessary in this situation so vocabulary and concepts from both languages can be pooled to get a true picture of what a child knows.

Read more from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association on Bilingual Speech and Language Therapy




We have already made a lot of progress in this short amount of time. I cannot praise these guys enough! I highly recommend this place for any young child in need of speech therapy, but especially for bilingual children.

Sarah E.



Bilinguistics is a great place for speech therapy. The staff is very friendly and the therapists we have worked with have been very knowledgeable and effective at teaching small children, especially keeping their attention and turning learning into play.

Alena R.


I really do appreciate the kind of work y’all do for disabled children. Bilinguistics is the best I would highly recommend y’all to anybody that needs help.

Sanjuana G.

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