Our caseloads are diverse and large so our speech therapy materials need to be effective and produce results.

These speech therapy materials are immediately applicable, user-friendly, and research-based. We are closing the gap between research published in academic journals and the ability to apply those findings to the clients we serve.

We know that the diversity of your caseloads is not always reflected in available speech therapy materials. Enjoy these evidence-based materials and let us know how we can help you today!

Looking for Evaluation Resources? We organized them on their own page.


Speech Therapy Materials

7 Ways to Have Highly Engaged Older Students in Speech Therapy

7 Ways to Improve Speech Therapy Outcomes

Advocacy & Mental Health Strategies for School-Based SLPs

Answering Questions Dice - English & Spanish

Articulation Drill Sheet Template

Attendance School Data Spreadsheet

An Explanation of Crystallized Intelligence as it Relates to a Learning Disability

Articulation Self Rating: Student-to-Teacher

Behavior Management Chart

Building Vocabulary and Background Knowledge Recommendations

Category Generation Comparison Chart

Cochlear Implants – General Information

Consent Forms for Teletherapy - Eng and Spn

Core Vocabulary Words in Spanish and English (Go Talk 9)

Cues and Prompts For Speech Therapy Chart

Cultural Influence on Treatment Practices

Cultural Parameter Therapy Checklist

Data Collection Sheet for Increasing Parent and Teacher Involvement

Following Directions - How to Collect Data and Improve

Good Storybooks for Bilingual Intervention

How to Promote a Positive Mindset

Lifeskills Visual Schedule

Lifeskills Eng Spn Story Communication Boards

Intensive Therapy Sample Schedule and Script - From Head to Toe

Language Milestones by Ages Goal Pages

Levels of Cueing in Speech Therapy

Phonological Approaches Explanations

Receptive Language Strategies for Active Listening

SLP Areas of Expertise (SLPower Sheet)

Speech Sound Disorder Tree and Description Chart

Story Grammar Rap Templates

Storybook Therapy Intervention Templates

Strategies for Supporting School-Based SLPs

Therapy Scaffolding Chart

Vocabulary Description Prompts in English and Spanish

Vocabulary Building Worksheet

VPI Developmental Pyramid

VPI Example Teacher Letter

VPI Example Data Collection Sheet

Who What Where When Maps

The Best Speech Therapy Materials at Your Finger Tips

speech therapist using speech therapy materials

The Best Way to Use These Free Speech Therapy Materials

There will always be a high need for speech therapy materials. We had been thinking about ways we could stop SLPs from recreating the wheel.

  • We get emails from SLPs with specific therapy needs and rather than just sending that individual what they need, we wanted to share the love.
  • When we present nationally and internationally, we wanted to give people a link to the materials as well as a way to share with their colleagues.
  • When we reference topics in our blog essays, we wanted to create an environment where the articles point back to one speech and language therapy materials library that was easy to remember.
  • We want to know how we can best help the field of speech pathology. By seeing what people are asking for, it creates a picture of what the biggest problems that the field is facing. Then we can make more free speech therapy materials around those topics and even invite experts in to speak at our conferences.

Fast forward, and our speech therapy materials page and evaluation resources page have dozens of materials that have collectively been downloaded over 100,000 times. They are the two most bookmarked pages that we have.

For those of you that have been following us for years know that this list has grown tremendously! So we wanted to highlight some of the best speech therapy materials above, especially the ones that have been downloaded over 10,000 times. They are organized alphabetically, so if you read about something you like just scroll back up, preview, and download it.

Must Have Speech Therapy Materials

So just what are the most used and talked about materials from above? These five resources make up half of the total downloads. We think they’re great, but aside from that they are definitely always a hot topic among SLPs. They’re also quite unique–I really don’t that that any speech therapy materials companies have made any products like these.

  • Who What Where When Maps
  • Storybook Therapy Intervention Templates
  • Story Grammar Rap Templates
  • Good Storybooks for Bilingual Intervention
  • Language Milestones by Ages with Goal Pages

 Best Speech Therapy Materials for Special Populations

Another area that causes us to scramble is when we get assigned a life skills classroom or we are working with a child with multiple disabilities. Here are some of the best speech therapy materials we have created from our life skills work, 3-year-old classrooms, and clients in the clinic.

  • Lifeskills English and Spanish Story Communication Boards
  • Lifeskills Visual Schedule
  • VPI Developmental Pyramid
  • VPI Example Data Collection Sheet

Bilingual Speech Therapy Materials

Bilingual speech therapy materials are hard to come by under any circumstance and this issue is the basis for making all of our books suitable for children who speak multiple languages. Truly all of our materials can be used with bilingual students. Here, we wanted to use this environment to showcase some materials for bilingual speech therapy that aren’t talked about much.

  • Cultural Influence on Treatment Practices
  • Cultural Parameter Therapy Checklist
  • Vocabulary Description Prompts in English and Spanish
  • Speech Sound Disorder Tree and Description Chart

 Preschool Speech Therapy Materials

And what about the little guys? Preschool speech therapy materials are special because working with young children who have minimal communication and need to learn behaviors and how to follow directions so that can actually participate in speech therapy. Here are five resources to help you in that setting.

  • Vocabulary Building Worksheet
  • Following Directions – How to Collect Data and Improve
  • Cues and Prompts for Speech Therapy Chart
  • Behavior Management Chart
  • 7 Ways to Improve Speech Therapy Outcomes

Cultural Competence and the need for materials that work with with diverse clients – ASHA.org

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