Our caseloads are diverse and large so our speech therapy materials need to be effective and produce results.

These speech therapy materials are immediately applicable, user-friendly, and research-based.  We are closing the gap between research published in academic journals and the ability to apply those findings to the clients we serve.

We know that the diversity of your caseloads is not reflected in available speech therapy materials, books, and literature.  Enjoy these evidence-based materials and let us know how we can help you today!

Cultural Competence Resource on ASHA   Evaluation Resources can be found here.

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Speech Therapy Materials


Answering Questions Dice - English & Spanish

Articulation Drill Sheet Template

Attendance School Data Spreadsheet

An Explanation of Crystallized Intelligence as it Relates to a Learning Disability

Articulation Self Rating: Student-to-Teacher

Behavior Management Chart

Building Vocabulary and Background Knowledge Recommendations

Category Generation Comparison Chart

Cochlear Implants – General Information

Core Vocabulary Words in Spanish and English (Go Talk 9)

Cultural Parameter Therapy Checklist

Data Collection Sheet for Increasing Parent and Teacher Involvement

Good Storybooks for Bilingual Intervention

Lifeskills Visual Schedule

Lifeskills Eng Spn Story Communication Boards

Intensive Therapy Sample Schedule and Script - From Head to Toe

Language Milestones by Ages Goal Pages

Phonological Approaches Explanations

SLP Areas of Expertise (SLPower Sheet)

Speech Sound Disorder Tree and Description Chart

Story Grammar Rap Templates

Storybook Therapy Intervention Templates

Therapy Scaffolding Chart

Vocabulary Description Prompts in English and Spanish

Vocabulary Building Worksheet

VPI Developmental Pyramid

VPI Example Teacher Letter

VPI Example Data Collection Sheet

Who What Where When Maps

Bilinguistics Blog

Speech Pathology Blog

Easy & Fun Winter Speech Therapy Activities, Actually.

Enjoy this consolidated list of winter speech therapy activities to finish the year off right.   It’s go time.  Just a few days left of school and it would also be nice to have therapy pre-planned for when we get back in January.  Here are downloadable and printable activities.  Children are crazy excited

Speech-Language Pathology: A 16-Year Case Study

SLP Past Yesterday afternoon, I was gifted the highest honor in speech-language pathology—to witness the humanly outcomes of our work.   After 16 years, I was in the same space as my John and my Anne. While in graduate school, I would spend several hours a week in their home supporting

Mental Health of Speech-Language Pathologists: Let’s Talk About It

The following content is a collaboration between Dr. Amanda Johnson, psychologist, and Phuong Lien Palafox, speech-language pathologist, on the topic of the mental health of speech-language pathologists. Why Should We Talk About the Mental Health of Speech-Language Pathologists? You’ve confessed, and things are not okay.  “I got really sick a

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