Reduce your Speech Caseload – Optimization Study

Save special education resources by targeting disproportional populations

reduce your speech caseload Suggestions through professional development and online resources abound on how to reduce your speech caseload.  So why do caseloads continue to grow exponentially and remain heavily weighted towards diverse students?

Because the suggestions require more doing without addressing the underlying cause.  We successfully help SLPs reduce their caseload by asking:

  • What is the source of the problem?
  • Is the problem at my school or across my district?
  • What should my SLP caseload look like?
  • Now that I know what the problem is, how can I rapidly fix it?

By understanding the source of disproportionality, wecan reduce your speech caseload easily and effectively.

What is proportionality?

Proportionality means that for approximately every child in a district or on campus, there is one in special education.  A magical district with 50 Caucasian, 30 African American, and 20 Hispanic students, would roughly have a special education population of 5/3/2 respectively.


Biinguistics can help you perform an analysis to reduce your speech caseload and provide an analysis of your district that identifies disproportionate groups, struggling campuses, over- and under- referral issues, and educator training needs.

Our customized district optimization study includes a complete analysis of current special education populations by ethnicity for your district and individual campuses that will help identify areas for improvement. The study also includes a detailed training plan based on the findings that will help your district improve the accuracy of identification of special education students.

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Master-School-Special-Education-Proportionality Matrix

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