SLP Impact Teams

Get all the support and professional development your staff needs within your budget.

SLPs are busy professionals who need answers immediately when confronted with difficult situations.

They need materials that have been field-tested and actually work. They need continuing education that gives them great strategies and skills to help them grow professionally. They need to bounce difficult evaluation questions off experts. Get your team the support they need!

  • Successfully Address Increases in Caseload Size and Paperwork: New changes in our field demand new strategies to remain successful. We specialize in teaching the professional skills needed to reduce workload.
  • Reduce Department Expenses: No travel or facility costs for events. All members easily attend trainings remotely with their computer or phone.
  • Improve Retention: Supported growing professionals are happy professionals. Through direct email, monthly Q&As, and a Question Forum, we have your staffs’ questions covered.
  • Easily Maintain Compliance: We manage all Continuing Education records, certificate issuing, and submission to ASHA (the American Speech-Language Hearing Association).
  • Get Live Support on the Most Important Topics: Monthly Masterclass and Q&A topics are chosen based on member request and are scheduled around peak work hours. Classes are recorded and can be watched later.
  • Add Skill Sets to Your Current Group: We can’t always find new professionals, especially with specific skill sets like bilingualism or cleft palate. However, with 80+ ASHA CEU courses you can train your current staff on new skills to meet your group’s needs.

What does it cost and is there a discount for a large staff?

SLP Impact costs $99/year with a discount depending on the size of your team. 

Enrollment is Easy. Let us know how many SLPs are on your team. Price is determined by the number of team members you have. We send a group-specific coupon code they use to register that gives them access to SLP Impact for an entire year beginning on the day of registration.

No onboarding is required by the team lead. We will get everyone set up and will take care of all processing and submissions for ASHA CEUs. 

What is included?

  • Free Access to All Virtual Conferences – A $249 value just for being a member
  • Monthly Master Classes and Q&As for ASHA CEUs to become fast and effective at therapy and evaluations
  • 80+ Courses for ASHA CEUs to advance your skills anytime – anywhere
  • 100+ Downloadable Materials and Templates to save hours of valuable time
  • 60+ Training Videos with Links and Downloads to share with parents and colleagues
  • Personalized Support via a question forum, interactive Q&As, and direct interactions via email to support SLPs

Click here to see a video and full description of everything that is included.

Plus, Members Get 20% Off all Speech Therapy Books!

Leading a Team of Speech-Language Pathologists has changed dramatically.

  • Speech Language Pathologists are now experiencing:
    • Larger caseloads
    • More paperwork
    • Greater distances to drive
    • More campuses or sites to serve
    •  And unprecedented diversity both in the types of disorders they serve and the home languages their clients speak

    This means they have less time for professional development at the point in their careers that they need it the most.

These recent changes have made the job of Speech Team Leads that much more difficult:

  • Retaining staff
  • Supporting current employees
  • Finding and developing new skill sets to respond to explosions in populations like Autism and bilingual students
  • Operating within limited budgets

SLP Impact is designed to keep your staff inspired and put training, support, research, and valuable materials right at their fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes! You can fax a purchase order to 512-458-9573. You may also email it to Please indicate a contact person’s name and email address for prompt processing.

What if my staff members have questions or need support?

Community and support are exactly what SLP Impact is about. Once enrolled, they will receive information on how to best contact us via email or phone, submit questions for the Q&A sessions, ask about the coursework, or contact our technical support team for any system (online access or technology) issues.

May I suggest a topic for a course or Masterclass?

Yes, our content is driven by the current needs of our field and the feedback from SLPs just like you. That means that topics of each master class are determined by members. Plus, when there is a lot of need or interest, that is how we determine the focus of winter and summer conferences. There is a survey form inside SLP Impact to choose topics and people routinely email us when they see amazing presenters that they want us to bring in. 

Are ASHA CEUs provided for the Masterclasses and Q&A sessions?

Yes! You will receive .15 ASHA CEU (1 1/2 credit hour) for attending each monthly Master Class. 

When do you report the ASHA CEUs?

Our “course offering” ends on the last day of each month.  We then have an additional 45 days to report the credits to ASHA.  Please make sur that  your mailing address and ASHA number are entered into your My Account detairs so that  credits can be reported properly.  

What date will ASHA CEUs be recorded on my registry?

You may not see your course on the ASHA transcript immediately after completion. However, the ASHA CEU credit on your transcript will reflect the month in which you took the course.

I missed a live Masterclass or Q & A session, can I still view it?

Yes. The recorded version is added to the CEU library for you to watch at your leisure.

I am already a member. What happens to my account when my team joins?

Many members introduce SLP Impact to their team and districts so that they can participate in all of the classes and share with their coworkers. When your district or team joins, you will receive a code to use for registration. If you purchased an annual membership iwithin the same school year for yourself, you will be reimbursed.

Can I be the Team Lead or Administrator for my team and also be a member?

Absolutely, most team leads are also SLPs and we love having you in the community. Just count yourself when letting us know how many team members you have.

Subject Matter Experts

Ellen Kester




Scott Prath




We are researchers who test our theories on real caseloads. We are national and international presenters who share our successes with the people who matter most. We are authors who get our materials in your hands to make your job easier, faster, and more fun.

Most importantly:

We are speech-language pathologists who carry caseloads in the schools, homes, and our clinic. We know what SLPs face every day, and we know how to improve it.

Experience & Credentials

  • 20+ years experience working in Early Intervention, Schools, Clinics, and Hospital Placements
  • Keynote, National, and International Presenters
  • University Instructors
  • Business Owner
  • School Speech Team Lead
  • Parents
  • Parent of a child with special needs


  • 2 standardized evaluations
  • 9 published books
  • 43 online CEU courses
  • 30+ published peer-reviewed research articles
  • 10+ published ASHA articles, essays, and courses
  • 70+ therapy and evaluation templates surpassing 300,000 downloads
  • 100s of Essays for The Speech Therapy Blog, a community of over 20,000 SLPs
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