Spanish-Translations-for-IEP Help families with these Spanish translations for IEP/ARD meetings.

Special Education has a vocabulary of its own.  During successful IEP  (ARD in Texas!) meetings we convey the reason why a child is receiving services and what our future plan is.  This is difficult enough in English let alone translating Special Ed. lingo into understandable terms and then into Spanish.

Download this collection of resources to make the process easier.

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Spanish Translations for IEP/ARD Meetings


Building Communication Pyramid and example

IEP (ARD) Assurances English and Spanish

IEP (ARD) Meeting Vocabulary

Spanish IEP Initial Meeting Script

Spanish Wording for Parent Conferences

Special Education Acronyms

Special Education Terms and Definitions in Spanish

Spanish IEP Dismissal Meeting Script

Spanish IEP Annual Meeting Script

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