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Let’s Do This Together!

We get it. SLPs are incredibly busy professionals who need answers immediately when confronted with difficult situations. We need materials that have been field-tested and actually work. We need a place to ask questions and get expert advice. We need continuing education hours each year that actually help us grow professionally and help us make a difference.

That’s why SLP Impact is loaded with therapy materials, videos, and opportunities to keep on learning! Let’s face it, our field is broad and there is always more to learn. Let’s make it fun. Let’s make it real. Let’s make an impact!

Free Attendance to Conferences

Expert-led deep dives into the most pressing issues that we currently are navigating in the schools, clinics, and homes.

Monthly Master Classes

Exciting events with speakers and topics that are developed and voted on by the community.

100+ Online Courses

ASHA CEUs that show how to apply ideas to a caseload, contain the materials needed to get up and running right away, and have training videos to be able to see exactly what to do.

100+ Downloadable Materials and Templates

Simple, straightforward materials that get you the information you need to gather data and write your reports, master therapy goals, and educate parents and teachers on new diagnoses.

80+ Training Videos with Links and Downloads

Short, specific videos to get fast answers and usable resources for some of the most common questions and difficult situations we encounter.

Ongoing Support

Get answers to your hardest eval and therapy questions.

The Future You

4 Unique Ways to Grow as a Professional

The cornerstone of all growth is learning, and for SLPs this means CEUs. And what about drammatic growth and change? For that we need access to our field’s leading experts, seeing the latest research in action, downloading materials you can use today, and having it all work within the context of rapidly growing caseloads and diversity. We have 4 ways to ensure your success.

#1 Monthly Speech Pathology Master Classes

There are SLPs who dismiss huge numbers of students each year. Some SLPs are able to test and write up an evaluation within a few hours. Other SLPs easily navigate contentious IEP meetings and are loved by teachers and parents. And the best of us do it all. But how?

Two years of graduate school was not enough time to learn everything that we need to know, let alone do it well. The Speech Pathology Master Classes explore high-impact strategies related to diagnostics, treatment, referrals, dismissals, professional relations, and ethical dilemmas.

ASHA CEUs: You’ll have all the hours you need by the end of the year.

Monthly Deep Dives: Meet experts on topics you vote for as needing the most.

Video Examples of Real Clients in Therapy and Evaluations

Downloadable Therapy and Evaluation Materials

Master Class Sneak Peak

#2 Community-Requested Conferences

Want to know what the best SLP Conference looks like? It’s that one YOU design by choosing the topics you need right now, with experts in our field, and speakers you have been dying to see and meet.

Here’s How it Works Every Winter and Summer

Community Members Vote on the theme such as AAC or Articulation through a needs survey.

Members also let us know about The Best SLP Presenters They Have Ever Seen.

We invite experts based on the results and build downloadable materials to match the topic.

We launch a Topic-Focused Virtual Conference where you get to meet our field-favorites or watch the replays.

#3 80+ Video ASHA CEU Courses 

No two schedules are alike in the field of speech pathology. Plus, what you need to know this year might completely change next year when you get your new caseload. That’s why we created over 80 ASHA CEU courses that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. 

The content shared in these courses has been vetted by thousands of SLPs at conferences throughout the country. We know these materials really work because we have tested them on our own caseloads and they have also been downloaded over 400,000 times from our posts on The Speech Therapy Blog.

ASHA CEUs: You’ll have all the hours you need by the end of the year.

Monthly Deep Dives: Meet experts on topics you vote for as needing the most.

Video Examples of Real Clients in Therapy and Evaluations

Downloadable Therapy and Evaluation Materials

Course Sneak Peak

#4 How-To Speech Pathology Video Library

Just received a child with a cleft palate on your caseload? Need to show a parent how to help a child say 2-word utterances? Have a student who can’t retain new vocabulary? You’ve come to the right place.

We all have those situations where we need information YESTERDAY! These videos are designed to get you up and running immediately and support the parents, teachers, and other professionals involved in making a person’s communication grow.

Edge Case Video Preview

Videos include therapy and/or evaluation ideas and templates to get you rolling, as well as easily downloadable explanations and instructions.

Complicated Evaluation Situations made clear. Get accurate data quickly to help you make the right call.

Ethical Dilemmas Solved. Even the icky ones.

Real-Life Therapy Solutions for large, diverse groups with multiple goals.

Professional Tips and Tricks to reduce stress while increasing your efficiency and effectiveness. See what 20+ years of experience looks like.

Plus, SLP Impact Members Get 20% Off all Speech Therapy Books!

SLP Impact Reviews

SLP - North Carolina

All I have to say is just WOW. This is amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

Holly D. SLP Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The presenters were both very helpful + well spoken. I have a better understanding of how I can help the children I work with.

SLP- 10 years

The presenters were great. I didn’t know about this, I learned so much today. Excellent training!

Ruth S. - 13 years experience

I wanted to let you know I took your course and it was honestly the best information I have heard for the population I work with.

speech therapy blog

Why Choose SLP Impact and Why Bilinguistics?

We are proud to offer the field of speech language pathology a unique and fresh perspective.

We not only research, publish, teach, and present, but we head into the clinic and classrooms every day so that what you hear from us works, and is based on real-life experience.

  • We supervise students and CFs and have also been doing this for 2 decades so whether you are new or experienced, we know what you are up against.
  • We are researchers who test theories on real caseloads to make sure our insights really work before sharing them.
  • We are national and international presenters with our ear to the ground understanding what SLPs are facing throughout the United States and the world.
  • We are authors who get our materials into your hands to make your job easier, faster, and more fun.
  • We are clinic owners in a very diverse community, so our clients look like your clients.
  • We are parents of children with disabilities.

Most importantly, we are you.

We are SLPs who continue to carry caseloads in the schools, homes, and our clinic. We know what you face every day, and we have a way to test out or research, know how to improve it.

Whatever you want to accomplish, whether it is to be better at a certain skill, publish materials, start a business, present workshops, or obtain better work-life balance, SLP Impact can help you get there.

Years of Experience

Keynote, National, and International Presentations

Published Books

Standardized Evaluations

Research Articles

ASHA Articles, Essays, & Papers

Want Better?

We are confident we have seen what you are going through. If not, chances are we know the best person to answer your question and can put you in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll my whole team?

Yes.  SLP Impact Teams allows school districts, clinics, and team leads to enroll their entire team.  Provide your team with support, ASHA-approved continuing education, and materials.  Leave the compliance and the professional development reporting to us.

Do I need to have my CCCs to join? Can I be a Clinical Fellow or Speech Assistant?

Kudos to you if you are at the beginning of your career and looking for ways to collaborate with others! SLP Impact contains all of the information that we wish we had at the beginning of our career and so much more! University programs are indeed doing a good job at preparing new SLPs for the field but, given the breadth of our field, it is impossible for them to prepare you for all of the realities we face on the ground.

This is where we come in. The Master Classes delve deep into real caseloads that are large and incredibly diverse. Our online courses for ASHA CEUs provide robust information in areas where you feel you need help.  Clinical Fellows and Speech Assistants will still receive a certificate of completion although they cannot earn ASHA CEUs.  No need to wait for your CCCs to start learning how to do your job effectively.

Is there a refund policy?


Initial Membership: If you’re not satisfied with SLP Impact, you can email us to request a full refund within 15 days of the initial purchase.

Renewals: No refund will be given, in whole or in part, if you request a cancellation more than five days after your renewal payment has been accepted and processed or if you have utilized services within the current renewal period. After canceling, you will continue to have access to your account through the end of your subscription period.

Any continuing education credits taken during a time that is refunded will not be reported to ASHA for credit.

Are ASHA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) provided for live and recorded events?

Yes! Gone are the days of waiting until December for a conference to complete your continuing education credits. With SLP Impact, you have 3 ways of earning ASHA CEUs.  There are monthly Master Classes, conferences, and over 80 online courses that you can take any time and anywhere.

Once you complete a class or course, you will receive a .pdf certificate for your records. Continuing education credits are reported to ASHA on a monthly basis. Get as many ASHA CEUs as you need and more!

What if I can't make the monthly Master Class?

Each Master Class is presented live during the second week of each month. It is recorded and available until the last day of the month on the Member’s page.  At the beginning of the next month, the class can be found in the course library.  Simply download the handouts and free materials, watch the class, and print off your ASHA CEU certificate when you are finished.

What if I have questions or need support?

Community and support are exactly what SLP Impact is about. Once enrolled, you’ll receive information on how to best contact us via email or phone and there is a contact form on the bottom of every page. Ask about help with sticky situations at work, request topics, have us point you towards resources you are in need of, or report technical issues.

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The SLP Impact Community is Bilinguistics’ way of further supporting SLPs around the globe in a more hands-on impactful way. We want you to be successful serving any child, with any disorder really well. Now we can show you how we do it. 

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