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We change lives every day and we want yours to be one of them! This means not only the lives of children but also the lives of SLPs.

How can we be so confident? After 20+ years of running a clinic and working in the schools, we know how the lives of SLPs have changed. It’s time to get excited about the incredible direction our field is heading in. We just need the right tools, ideas, and processes to navigate our jobs so that we can do incredible work and go home (on time!) feeling great about what we have accomplished.

With feedback from thousands of members, reviews on to 15,000 books we have sold, and comments on the 350+ blog essays we have written, we know we are on the right track.

Whatever you want to accomplish or improve we are here for you. Whether it is to be better at a certain skill, publish materials, start a business, present workshops, or obtain better work-life balance, we can help you get there with our:

  • Monthly CEU Master Classes to become fast and effective at therapy and evaluations
  • Free Access to Biannual Conferences
  • 80+ CEU Courses to take anytime - anywhere
  • 100+ Downloadable Therapy, Evaluation, and Referral Templates
  • 60+ Short and Fun How-To Videos

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