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We are excited to introduce you to our website. For 20+ years we have had a single mission: ensure that all children are served equally, regardless of their culture, home language, or experience. This has resulted in creating downloads, videos, essays, courses, books, and materials so that professionals and parents the world over get the support they need to make it a reality for themselves.

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The Speech Therapy Blog

With over 400 essays on every topic related to communication and over 30,000 professionals subscribed, be sure to sign up for our weekly essays and get access to a free online course while you are at it.

Online Continuing Education

For those of you seeking continuing education, we have over 70 online courses that you can access from anywhere. And you can even take all the courses at a discount inside our SLP community – SLP Impact.

Great Free Resources

Here is the most exciting part: On the SLP tab you will find 10 pages full of free therapy materials, evaluation resources, and content to make your work-life easier. Here are the highlights:

Speech Therapy Materials: find resources for intervention in Spanish and English

Evaluation Resources: access developmental charts and information for conducting evaluations

SLP IEP Goal Bank:  Cut and paste from our SLP goal bank in English and Spanish

Speech Therapy Referral Forms:  Find over 50 reproducible documents to help teachers and SLPs navigate the referral process.

Books for Speech Therapy:  SLPs have shared their favorite Storybooks for speech therapy.  These books are searchable by language and area of focus.

Music for Speech Therapy:  The music on this page is organized by curriculum topic.  Each song is linked to iTunes.

Spanish Translations for IEP Meetings:  Struggling in your meetings?  Educational vocabulary is strange even for the highly fluent bilingual professional.  These translations can help.

Parent Questionnaires: The best and most up-to-date evaluation forms and parent questionnaires in over a dozen languages. 

World Language Library: Find speech and language information on the most common languages that we work with. 

Communication Disorder Resources for Parents:  Parents have a lot to take in when they receive a new diagnosis.  Share information on the 27 most common disorders.

SLP Books!

We published much of our research on effective therapy and evaluating into ten books. Now, they are also available as e-books.

Central Texas Speech Therapy and Evaluations

Our clinic is based in Austin, Texas where we serve the local community and also travel to neighboring school districts to do therapy and evaluations. Local professionals can refer a child or talk to us about supporting their staff.


We truly enjoy interacting with this community. Let us know if there is anything you are looking for so we can continue to make this resource better.



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