Digital E-books

Some of the best research-based speech therapy and evaluation materials are now available in digital format.

Digital Versions – Full color – Printable

Within our office, we have been using the materials in our books successfully to put together great speech and language sessions and also conduct incredible evaluations.

But the truth is, we have access to all the original files to be able to print in color, include charts in our reports, and use the materials online during teletherapy.

And now, the full color, digital, printable versions are available to you. One thing we are really excited about is that this e-book format enables us to continually update the research and materials as advances are made in our field and the updates will be immediately available in your copy.

And yes, we do use both the digital and print books constantly. That’s why we created a discount if you click through and buy them together.

With the growth of teletherapy, digital materials are even more important, especially those that are evidenced based and have been proven to work in therapy and evaluation sessions.

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