Difference or Disorder? Digital E-Book

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Rapidly identify speech-language patterns related to second language acquisition to distinguish difference from disorder.

Determining whether a student’s speech and language patterns result from influences from their native language or whether they are indicative of speech or language impairment is a challenge many educators face. One in every five children in the United States comes from a home in which English is not the primary language.

In this book, we:

  • Cover the 12 most common languages and AAE!
  • Explain how to analyze two languages
  • Compare and contrast phonology
  • Share articulation targets for both languages
  • Identify common syntactic and morphological differences
  • Help to identify appropriate goals

Take a Look:

Due to their downloadable nature, e-books are non-refundable.

The framework used to distinguish language differences from language disorders is beneficial for all educators, and the use of this framework will result in improved instructional targets for culturally and linguistically diverse students in the general education classroom, as well as more appropriate referrals for special education evaluations.

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2 reviews for Difference or Disorder? Digital E-Book

  1. Michelle Posner

    I have the printed version of this book and I think it is a fantastic resource! This resource is full of great information on speech and language patterns and cultural differences for a variety of languages. As a bilingual SLP, I know a lot about English and Spanish. However, this resource allows me to gain knowledge on other languages like Mandarin, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, etc. This is a must-have resource for all SLPs.

    • Ellen Kester

      Thanks! These are the comments that keep us motivated to do what we do!

  2. Michelle Posner

    This book is a must have for all SLPs. As a bilingual SLP, I know a lot about Spanish and English acquisition. This resource has speech, language and cultural information for many languages including French, Arabic, Hebrew and Mandarin. The information is easy to read and the phonemic inventory charts are fantastic.

    • Ellen Kester

      Thank you, Michelle! It makes me so happy to hear that it is helpful!

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