​Speech Language Pathology Courses for Your University

Finally, an easy way for students to see and understand how what you are teaching fits into the working world they are about to enter. 

That, and a way to adapt your teachings to be able to serve any client from any cultural or language background. 

Students leave graduate programs and enter highly diverse work environments. It doesn’t matter if they join a pediatric setting, a school, or a geriatric setting. It doesn’t matter if they move to rural or urban locations.

Understanding the role that culture and second-language influence have on communication is crucial to effectively diagnosing and treating all disorders. Now, you can easily add this critical element to your curriculum.

Here are 3 great ways that colleges and universities are using their grant money and funding to ensure their students and staff have access to rich and applicable information on cultural and linguistic diversity.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us with information on the course(s) you are currently teaching.
  2. We will give you access to courses you are interested in or send you books.
  3. We will also include suggestions for assignments, writing prompts, and class discussion talking points.
  4. Students are automatically issued a certificate after each course to show completion.
  5. Payment occurs 3 ways:
    1. Students pay for individual courses or books just like they would purchase other materials. All university students receive a 20% discount.
    2. Class funds can be used to purchase for all your students.
    3. Universities can pay for the series or materials with a credit card or purchase order.

That’s not all. In addition to our online courses, we have books for your students. We  can also present virually to your class or travel to your university for workshops and symposiums. 


Books for your Class at a Discount

Bundle any of our 10 books with the course you chose or order them directly.

Your students will enjoy a university discount and get materials that they will use thorughout their career.

Need case studies or presentation materials for your class? Why reinvent the wheel?  We host conferences nationally and happily share content for you to present to your students.

Photo by Mikael KristensonLive Webinars Right to Your Classroom

Our live webinars are hugely popular for 3 main reasons:

  1. They enrich your curriculum by adding cultural competency to any CSD topic.
  2. Your students hear from seasoned professionals on how to exactly apply what you are teaching out in the real world.
  3. They are cost effective and easily match your teaching schedule.

Students are also able to hop on remotely and you can offer the event to other faculty or local professionals.

Live Presentations

Host a 1 or 2 day conference for your university and professionals in your area. There are huge benefits to creating a conference that is open to the community .

  • Create a profitable event for your department
  • Create strong ties with professionals in your community to increase your clinical/externship placements for students.
  • Bring the newest research on multi-cultural issues to your faculty, and see how the research is being applied successfully across the country.
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