Materials that have been designed and field-tested to have an immediate impact.

Every small act at Bilinguistics honors our commitment to each other, to improving the lives of the families we work with, and to providing speech-language pathologists with research-based information that is immediately applicable and user-friendly. Our speech products, books, and literature are designed for monolingual and bilingual professionals.

There is an element of diversity in most caseloads that is not reflected in available resources. We dive into the current research, apply it with our diverse caseloads, and include the best results in our products. We are always working to increase the available information and products for working with clients from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

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Working WITH families, not against them.

I’ll be honest, I was supposed to write about using Non-Word Repetition tasks in  the assessment process for today’s blog but something I read in the ASHA Leader this past week riled me up so I had to switch to talking about working with families. There was an article in

X-ray: A Conversation on New Immigrant Speech and Language Testing

We are continually impressed with the level of expertise and dedication that is evident in the emails we receive.  I wanted to share this question and answer that came through about where to begin with new immigrant speech and language testing. “It is instructive, makes me feel like I am

5 Tips for an Effective IEP Meeting

IEP Woes I had my first IEP meeting in the winter of 2003.  My teacher was running late, my administrator could not be found and the parent, an attorney, pulled out books to refute her child’s ineligibility for speech services.  Since my inaugural meeting, I quickly learned what makes for

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