Materials that have been designed and field-tested to have an immediate impact.

Every small act at Bilinguistics honors our commitment to each other, to improving the lives of the families we work with, and to providing speech-language pathologists with research-based information that is immediately applicable and user-friendly. Our speech products, books, and literature are designed for monolingual and bilingual professionals.

There is an element of diversity in most caseloads that is not reflected in available resources. We dive into the current research, apply it with our diverse caseloads, and include the best results in our products. We are always working to increase the available information and products for working with clients from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

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Achieving Highly Engaged Speech Therapy for Older Students

I have to admit, I LOVE working in elementary schools. This became crystal clear to me when I was offered the chance to do testing and cover a maternity leave at a middle and high school. You’ve seen the front office of elementary schools. Lots of smiles, primary colors, and

speech therapy caseloads

High Speech Therapy Caseloads and Workloads are Forcing SLPs to Leave the Field

I received an email from one of our SLP Impact members about speech therapy caseloads and a heavy workload in the school setting, and decided to put together a post to answer her question. I know her concern is shared by many SLPs in our profession. She wrote: I am

2 Common Questions About Articulation Errors in Bilingual Children

There are a few questions that top the list of “most asked” when SLPs are inquiring about which articulation errors in bilingual children they should be treating. When focusing on articulation errors in bilingual children, we have to consider intelligibility, their age, level of exposure to English, and academic need

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