Developmental Speech and Language Norms for Spanish and English E-book

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The best and current information on English and Spanish sound development right at your fingertips!

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Due to their downloadable nature, e-books are non-refundable.

  • Validate teacher concerns and improve speech referrals.
  • Improve diagnostic accuracy and save time.
  • Increase the accuracy of your goals and reduce your caseload.

This bundle contains updated, expanded, and brand new research on sound and language development in English and Spanish.  Portions of this e-book have collectively been downloaded over 40,000 times from our website, have been used in the publication of seven books, have been implemented in speech referral programs (RtI) and have been shared in national and international presentations. Now this expanded, improved, and updated version is available to you.

What's Inside?  Take a Look:

As a Bonus! Developmental Norms Screensaver

We reference the same information constantly so we turned it into a screensaver which you can add to your computer.

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5 reviews for Developmental Speech and Language Norms for Spanish and English E-book

  1. Holly Delgado

    In my work as a bilingual SLP, most of my week is spent evaluating, treating, and consulting about children whose home language is Spanish. No matter which of these tasks I’m completing at any given moment, I find myself returning to the handouts created by Bilinguistics to either double check my gut instinct, or to steer a parent or teacher in the direction of an easy-to-understand resource. These materials have been tested over time, and they are invaluable. I am so happy to see that they are now available in a e-book format!

  2. Cathy Kennedy

    I am very excited to have this invaluable resource in at my fingertips! The easily read charts comparing speech and language development between the two languages and the examples of typical language transfer errors from Spanish to English will inform my evaluations and allow me to more clearly share information with other SLPs, teachers, and parents. I plan to compare the English speech sound development norms with the other studies I have read, as some of the ages of acquisition in English that are reported in this publication are a bit different from what I’ve seen. A couple of suggestions for your next version of this book include adding information on common dialectical differences amongst Spanish speakers and consonant frequency information in Spanish (similar to what you share for English). But, all in all, an excellent resource that I will recommend to my colleagues. If only there were similar publications about other languages!


      Hi Cathy, Thanks for your kind comments about our new Developmental Norms ebook. We always appreciate hearing suggestions for future versions and future publications. We’ll be sure to add more information about Spanish dialectal differences in the next version. We are also adding many new languages to the second edition of our book Difference or Disorder: Understanding Speech and Language Development in Students from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds. It includes comparisons and contrasts of 12 different languages with English and we’ve got more in the works. We are still in the process of developing Difference or Disorder-2, so if there are specific languages you are interested in, please let us know! Best, Ellen Kester

  3. Gina

    Thank you Bilinguistics team! It is so handy to have all of these references (most new and updated) in one handy e-book that one can access instantly. I was so excited to see this offer in my inbox today. The language development charts and information are particularly appreciated. Thank you for all you do by providing the most useful info that we all desperately need. Gina G. monolingual SLP

  4. Sara

    Thank you so much for this valuable resource. As a handy guide, this is very useful and I will recommend it to my colleagues. I echo the comments from above in that I would like to see dialectical differences addressed as well as emerging trends in the bilingual population of the US. For example, sociolinguistics studies suggest that incomplete acquisition and/or language attrition related to divided and/or reduced input in L1 may lead to incorrect article gender use and errors with grammatical aspect and mood that have implications for certain language milestones with this population.

    I look forward to reading the second edition of Difference or Disorder. Again, thank you for the resource!

  5. Shayne Weinstein

    This book is so great and SO needed. It’s a quick and easy resource to refer to when evaluating so I do not have to hunt down multiple sources, and I feel comfortable using and sharing the information knowing it is backed by research. The tables, Venn diagrams, and comparison charts are so handy. Thank you for putting this all together!

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