Download some of the very best SLP resources that are now available as speech therapy e-books!

Your ability to share, educate, and empower just got easier. Send full-color printouts to staff or parents and embed meaningful charts in your reports.

Digital, Full-Color, Printable Speech Therapy E-books

Within our office, we have been using the materials in our speech therapy e-books to successfully put together great intervention sessions and also write incredible evaluations. But the truth is, we have had access to all the original files to be able to print in color, include charts in our reports, and use the materials online during teletherapy.

 And now, the full color, digital, printable versions are available to you. One thing we are really excited about is that this speech therapy e-book format enables us to continually update the research and materials as advances are made in our field and the updates will be immediately available in your copy.

speech therapy e-books to download

We know that you’re busy. We know that you already have too much to carry. We also know that the time you save from not reinventing the wheel and reproducing therapy materials will be spent serving clients. And, if you are like almost every SLP that has been polled lately, you are spending a lot of time writing evaluations to make sure they are high quality. These speech therapy e-books were designed with all of these problems in mind.

Massively Improve Your Evaluations with E-book Charts and Graphs

Have you ever written an evaluation about a bilingual child’s communication skills but had trouble talking about your findings in the report? And what about all of that hard work you did researching home languages to get the results you did? Where did that go?

We put all of our research right in the report. This also makes an evaluation meaningful for other professionals who are reading it years down the road when a child has to be evaluated again. Here are some examples:

  • Put the Venn diagrams from the Difference or Disorder? book in your reports to show parents and teachers the different sound and language attributes of the languages the child speaks.
  • Easily pull up a comparison of English and the child’s home language for you to make decisions about which goals to write.
  • For your Spanish-speaking children, add the graphs and explanations to your reports from the Developmental Norms E-book

Print Activities for Parents and Teachers and Create Handouts for Meetings

From developmental norms to talking about differences between languages, the difficult conversations about dismissing children from speech services or qualifying them are made easier with charts, examples, and data.

  • Use these speech therapy e-books to set your teachers and parents at ease by showing them which sounds are developmentally appropriate and which ones you will be focusing on.
  • Use the activities from the Early Intervention Guidebook to give parents ideas for what they can be focusing on at home.

Our E-books for Speech Therapy Have Hundreds of Full-Color, Research-Based Templates

I wish I could show you how thin my speech therapy materials binder is these days. I have templates from Literacy-based Intervention that cover 70% of my therapy needs. My students are really comfortable with the routines and I just trade out the stories.  Then there is grade-level vocabulary from the curriculum-based and life skills books, and the developmental norms charts to reference and share with teachers.

Mind you, it wasn’t always like this, especially considering that I work across two languages. But when I started choosing activities that matched the curriculum and took variations in culture and language into consideration not only did my bag shrink but my outcomes soared.

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