Speech and Language School Therapy Services

Whether it’s to cover several campuses for the entire year, cover a maternity or medical leave, or bring on staff to treat and teach how to serve bilingual populations, we are here for our Austin Area schools.

 Let us shoulder the changes in changes in caseloads so your staff doesn’t have to. 

School Districts and Charter Schools Hire Us Repeatedly for Speech Therapy Services for 4 Key Reasons:

school therapy services in Austin area

  1. To ensure that their diverse populations are effectively evaluated, treated, and dismissed.
  2. To keep their team from feeling the stress of rising, falling, and changing populations. We fill in the necessary gaps when evaluation and therapy needs are high or when a team member is on leave.
  3. To get the information their teams need to effectively serve diverse populations with Bilinguistics’ workshops, resources, and continuing education.
  4. To meet compliance during times of high needs without the more permanent cost of an additional employee with benefits. 

We pride ourselves on our high quality school therapy services and our communication with campus personnel.

  • We provide a variety of models (full-time, part-time, therapy only, evaluations only, consultation) to meet caseload demands and budgetary needs.
  • Full-time positions include ARD meetings, evaluations, referral support, and Medicaid and administrative paperwork.
  • Therapy positions include direct contact time with students and documentation.  We conduct individual and small-group therapy sessions for English speakers, Spanish speakers. and others with speech and language disorders.
  • Evaluations include review of educational records, conversations with teachers and families, testing, a written report, and discussion of results with teachers and families.

Thank you ALL so much for your efficiency! I am so impressed with your company. It was so wonderful to have everything in impeccable order and on time.

Denise Minton, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, Hays C.I.S.D. Coordinator of Speech-Language Therapy Services

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for placing your SLP at our school. I hope that I am fortunate enough to work with her again next year. She exemplifies flexibility and being a team player. She works hard to meet the needs of all students, she always has a positive attitude, and she takes all of the vast responsibilities put on her plate in stride.

She is prepared for IEP meetings, participates in staffings, and works in SEM without complaint. She juggles the responsibilities of facilitator, speech language pathologist, consultant and educator in more than our school district, while maintaining a calm demeanor that does not show how truly busy she is. I sincerely appreciate her and her expertise.

District Speech Team Lead

What Do School Therapy Services Look Like?

Every school, every district, and every situation is unique. That’s why we adapt our school therapy services to meet your needs. As an example, we fill fulltime positions, partial positions, and even temporary positions like maternity or medical leave. By and large the process is the same. We meet with the team lead, campus SLP, or campus staff and figure out where to start.

We can design a therapy schedule, run one that is already in place, and even assess for therapy sessions that need to be made up. With school therapy services that include evaluations, we organize them by due date and start evaluating almost as soon as we start providing therapy.

Our goal is to turn over a caseload that has 100% compliance on the services provided, meetings held, progress and Medicaid notes completed, and evaluations caught up. In most temporary situations we even try to get a little bit ahead because we know how overwhelming it can be to return to a caseload after a time of absence.

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