SLP Impact Platinum Membership

$99.00 / year and a $100.00 for one-time bonus

You will get there!

Whether its presenting to your staff, writing a book, starting a blog, running your own business…whatever it is that you want out of your career, we know you will get there. We have been working with SLPs long enough to know that you are committed, passionate, and driven.

But the question is:  How long are you willing to wait?

And, what if you could make it happen this year?

We have over 20 years experience in providing incredible, fast therapy, writing quick effective reports, leading teams, publishing books, presenting internationally, running successful businesses, and launching products. Now, we are helping SLPs just like you do the same thing.

Whatever your dreams are, our experience can help make them a reality for you.

The SLP Impact Platinum Membership has all the benefits of SLPImpact plus a survey and coaching session to help you hone your skills on really achievable goals. Not only that, we will mail you a set of our books!

$99.00   SLP Impact Membership
$150.00  Consultation Session
$177.99  Seven Books
$199.00 (55% Discount)

Here are ways our experience can help you:

Speech Pathology:

  • Providing incredible therapy at a fraction of the time spent
  • Writing fast, accurate reports
  • Increasing your ability with a specific disorder such as VPI/cleft palate


  • Mentoring students
  • Mentoring CFs
  • Serving your team well as a speech lead or clinic lead


  • Running a business
  • Running a clinic
  • Marketing yourself to pick up extra work such as evaluations, teletherapy, and PRN work


  • Writing books
  • Self-publishing
  • Creating a blog
  • Bringing product ideas to fruition


  • To your staff
  • Improving your slides and presentation style
  • Submitting to a conference
  • National and international presentations

So my questions to you are:

What excites you?

What do you dislike about your job and want to reduce your time doing?  

What will you do with more time in your schedule?  

What do you want to be more effective at?  

What do you want to do more of or learn about?

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Sign up for the Platinum Membership.

We mail you our books and a couple emails showing you around the courses, resources, and conferences inside the SLP Impact community.

You will receive a short survey to tell us about your goals or anything you want to accomplish. Then, we will reach out for a phone call to get you started and plan your consultation session.

The consultation session will be scheduled with our team member that has the most experience in the skill set you want to build. They will be scheduled based on the time needed. For example, members who wanted to learn to present got help with conference submissions and then the majority of the time was spent practicing and rehearsing leading up to the convention. Members who were interested in building their school evaluation skills met frequently in the spring when their evaluations were due.

After the first year, renewals will be reduced to $99.

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