Maximizing Treatment Effects with VPI and Cleft Lip and Palate

1.5 hours
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Learn how to treat and evaluate VPI through step-by-step instructions that are filled with video examples. This course will equip you with tools you need to tackle working with velopharyngeal insufficiency. It includes the reproducible VPI Pyramid which provides a simple framework for evaluation and rapidly creates baseline objectives for therapy.

The process of determining how to improve communication of someone who is not able to build up intraoral pressure can be incredibly intimidating. What do we target? Are there things we can focus on despite structural limitations? How do we know what to target if we don’t know the cause of the insufficiency? Do we wait to begin treatment until after surgery is completed? Do we need a medical evaluation before beginning therapy? Gain practice hands on knowledge that you can apply to your caseload today.





Instructional Level and Content Area

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe how craniofacial differences occur and how they negatively impact intelligibility
  • List two underlying speech components that can be affected by VPI and Cleft Lip and/or Palate
  • Demonstrate intervention and evaluation techniques for working with a child with craniofacial anomalies

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