5 Ways SLPs are Increasing Their Income and Serving More Children


Course Type: Video – 1 1/2 hours

ASHA Course Code: Service Delivery Associated With Speech, Language, Hearing, and Related Disorders – 7010

While there is an ever-increasing need for services and expertise on specific disorders, it is not always clear how professionals can monetize materials or provide services to nearby districts, clinics, agencies, and communities. This presentation shares how speech-language pathologists are meeting the needs of the field and increasing their income.

Join Dr. Ellen Kester and Scott Prath from Bilinguistics as they walk through five ways to use your expertise to create products, write books, do live presentations, and market yourself to clinics and school districts.

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If you test diverse children you need this book!

Additional Information


Adult, Early Childhood, School Age


1.5 hours


.15 Continuing Education Units


Evaluations, SLP Professional



Scott Prath and Ellen Kester receive salaries from Bilinguistics. One product that will be discussed in the presentation is Evalubox, which is a product for which Ellen and Scott have a financial interest. Other free resources will be shared as well.

The authors do not have any nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

Participants will be able to:
• List five ways to use a professional skillset to serve more children
• Understand how to market speech-language services to increase earning capacity
• Discuss the current demographic shifts that have led to the need for more bilingual service provision
• Summarize why all age groups such as early intervention, school-age children, and adult populations are seeing a rise in the need for independent services

Time-Ordered Agenda
10 minutes SLP demographics that support the need for the creation of materials, additional evaluations, and subject-matter experts
15 minutes Creating and marketing speech-language pathology materials
15 minutes Providing consultations and presentations
15 minutes Teletherapy
15 minutes Afternoon contracts for clinics
15 minutes Contract evaluations for schools
05 minutes Summary and questions

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