Welcome back to our series on report writing.  Today, we are going to talk about when to write your report.  Check out our first post on setting up a report template.

Faster Report Writing Tip #3:  Have a good system for organizing your background information.

When we are asked to do an evaluation, we are often handed a folder filled with pieces of paper.  They come from teachers, parents, educational records, health records, and so on.  It sometimes feels daunting.  Early on in my career, I remember feeling like I would go through those piles of paper multiple times, and it would take forever for me to find what I needed quickly. Now, I go through the file one time and immediately put the information into my Background Information Organizer.

Background Information Organizer Preview

I go through each page, put pertinent information in the appropriate section of the Background Information Organizer, and then I have it all together in an organized fashion.  When it comes to sitting down and writing, it flows easily, and I’m not stopping to locate things in my messy folder full of papers.

For great information about what to include in your background information, check out this ASHA Leader Live blog post.

Next up:  Organizing Your Assessment Results

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