We all know how difficult it is to communicate with parents when they speak another language.  Conversely, we know how beneficial it is to provide parents with summer speech therapy materials to keep their child improving across the summer.

What to do?

We built homework packets to address a variety of goals and divided them by ages into three groups.  The activities are developed around common storybooks that are easily found at most public libraries.

Summer Speech Therapy Activities – Younger Students

10 storybooks are profiled in this pdf. with activities that are fun, colorful and engaging for the young population. Vocabulary, morphology, language, and articulation are addressed in a variety of ways.

Download the packet here or send your parents the link.

Summer Homework for Younger Students

Speech Therapy Younger Summer Program English Explanation

Summer Speech Therapy

La semilla de zanahoria

Leo el retoño tardío

A sembrar sopa de verduras

Oso en ciudad

Oso en bicicleta

oruga muy

Oso bajo el sol

La mariquita malhumorada

De la cabeza a los pies

La oruga muy hambrienta

Summer Speech Therapy Activities – Older Students

Summer Speech Therapy

Older students have definite opinions on what they want to read.  In this packet we have general activities and guidelines that can be applied to any book.  Older students (my children at least!) have an incredible ability to fill their time with anything but work so we have also included a schedule so that they can decide when they are going to do these activities.  As long as an older student thinks it is their idea, they will accomplish anything.

Download the packet here or send your parents the link.  Summer Homework for Older Students -Spanish

Speech Therapy: Older Students Summer Program English Explanation

More Activities for Your Child!

We all have those gung-ho parents who actually do everything that we tell them.  This year we are ready for their efficient and involved personalities.  Here is a list of additional suggestions to make language more robust during play and during their summer outings.

Download the packet here or send your parents the document or link.

More communication activities to do with your child!

Más actividades de comunicación que se pueden hacer con su hijo!

Also, here is a great Pinterest page with tons of summer ideas:

 SLP- Summer

Hit the beach this summer knowing your students are progressing at home!

Summer Speech Therapy
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