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ASHA CEU Winter Break “Best Of” Opportunities

The deadline for continuing education is once again upon us and that’s why we want to share great ASHA CEU winter break opportunities.  There are two ways to look at it:

Oh no!  Not again!

This is awesome! I have two weeks at home in my fuzzy slippers and a clear mind.

Which camp do I fall in? Depends on the year, I guess. 

asha ceu winter break courses

Here’s the deal.   We as a field are so lucky to have so much top talent creating courses for ASHA CEUs.  This means that you have a lot of options for professional development to meet the ASHA deadline so I want to start by telling you why I think our online SLP courses are amazing.

  • We ARE speech pathologists who do your job daily.  That means we don’t present ideas until we know they work and you get to see tons of videos of our clients before – and after.
  • We present nationally and internationally at SLP conferences and spent 15 years learning how to keep an audience engaged for sometimes 5+ hours.  That means our online courses are the boiled down best-of-the-best.
  • We are researchers so everything is backed up.  Evidence-based practice is a fancy way of saying “proven to work.”  Only follow suggestions that work.  We are too busy to be speculating in therapy.
  • In almost every course you walk away with free resources to use immediately.
  • Lastly, we’re here! And we answer real questions from real people all the time.  Email me. I dare you!

Top Picks From Over 70 ASHA CEU Winter Break Opportunities

Let’s be quick!

asha ceu winter break free courses

Free SLP Courses

If you are not familiar with our work, take one of our free courses. These courses were taken 6000+ times this past year.  We want you to see how fun, engaging, and useful SLP ASHA CEU courses can be. 

Articulation ASHA CEU Winter Break Opportunity

Did you know that 87% of the speech disorders we see are phonologically based?  Not articulation! I love Success with Speech Sound Disorders because we take each type of speech disorder, show a child with that disorder, apply the best therapy practices, and then show the child afterwards.  You will dismiss like crazy after this course.

Success with Speech Sound Disorders

Language ASHA CEU Winter Break Opportunity

For language take Literacy-Based Intervention: Step by Step. There is no greater intervention technique than using storybooks.  These 9 videos will show you how to be really effective.  There are really fun and great examples of working with many different cultures. By the end of January you will have most of your therapy planned for the rest of the year.

Literacy-Based Intervention: Step by Step

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Courses for ASHA CEUs

If you work with a diverse group of students (and who doesn’t these days?), you need these two courses.  They show you a process to be able to dissect, evaluate, and treat any language on the planet.  And these two courses are packed with free resources.

Difference or Disorder?: Language Development in English Language Learners

Difference or Disorder? Speech Development in English Language Learners

My Caseload is Exploding

If your caseload is exploding, watch Ethically Reduce Your Caseload.

I Need Something Intellectually Stimulating This Break

If you are feeling the need to be a bit brainy and want to learn how executive function deficits influence your students, we put together three courses on this covering general knowledge, motivation, and cognition.

holiday SLP ceus
Executive Function 101: Speech Therapy, Evaluations, and Classroom Support
asha ceus emotions
Executive Function 201: Increasing Client Motivation and Self-Direction
asha ceus for winter break
Executive Function 301: Cognitive Processes and Changes Across Adolescence

My Brain is Mush

This one is easy and fun.  Do the dishes or work on a puzzle and throw this one on your laptop: Productivity 101 : Be Highly Productive Without Sacrificing Your Health or Homelife

I want every course! Winter Sale

If you need lots of ASHA CEU holiday break opportunities, you can get everything mentioned above AND access to:

  • All 70 of our online SLP courses
  • An SLP Video Example Library
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Question and Answer sessions with the Bilinguistics team with any of your evaluation and therapy questions.

All for less than you would spend each month for a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha by joining our SLP Impact Community.

Let’s wrap this year up and get ready to rock 2021.

Written by: Scott Prath

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