Welcome back to our series on report writing.  Today, we are going to talk about pre-written goals.  Check out our first post in this series on setting up a report template.

You’ve finished the main part of your report and now it’s time to write some goals.  I like to include the goals in my report because I am usually handing the report off to someone else who will provide intervention. For that reason, I write them in a very general form so that the person writing the IEP can put the goals in a format that suits them. Be sure to check out our free goal bank to facilitate your goal writing. It is one of our most visited pages!

In my template, I have goals for receptive language, expressive language, pragmatics, fluency, and speech.  I delete what I don’t need.  Here’s what my template looks like:

You’ll need to add new speech therapy goals to your report template from time to time but this is a great place to start. It saves so much time to have a robust set of speech therapy goals embedded in your template so all you have to do is delete what you don’t need.

Next up:  Fluency Assessment Tables That Auto-Calculate

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