Literacy-Based Intervention: Step by Step

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3.5 hours
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Successfully Use Storybooks to Reduce Planning Time, Easily Work in Groups, and Target Multiple Communication and Academic Goals


After the publication of Literacy-Based Intervention we are routinely asked:  “Can you show us how to do this?”  This course is the answer!  It is a 9-Part Course walking you through the Whys and Hows to make you highly successful at reducing your planning time and dismissing children from any cultural or language background.


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Successfully intervene with children from other language backgrounds and cultures using literacy-based intervention. Professionals will be able to target appropriate goals, choose successful intervention strategies, and make progress that leads to dismissals. Articulation is addressed with special considerations for second-language influence. Languages strategies presented bolster communication,, vocabulary development, and literacy.

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe basic theory and research related to storybook intervention
  • Discuss differences in narrative styles between English and Spanish speakers
  • Identify book qualities important for speech and language intervention
  • Design intervention activities that use storybooks

Time-Ordered Agenda
Literacy-based Intervention: Step-by-Step

28 minutes: Introduction to Literacy Based Intervention
16 minutes: Research on why to Use Storybooks in Speech and Language Therapy
40 minutes: Improving Story Narratives of Children from Different Cultures
18 minutes: Language Sampling to Accurately Assess What to Work On
22 minutes: Choosing Goals and Taking Data
13 minutes: Storybook Intervention
7 minutes: Pre-Reading Activities
43 minutes: Activities During Book Reading
15 minutes: Post Reading Activities
12 minutes: Conclusion

214 minutes total

1 review for Literacy-Based Intervention: Step by Step

  1. Tonja Moore

    This course was very informative and thorough. It provided research supporting the use of literacy-based intervention as well as a step-by-step process of how to implement it. The information as well as the handouts will prove helpful in my therapy sessions.
    Tonja Moore, M.S., CCC-SLP

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