The Heartbeat of Speech-Language Pathology

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Unveil the Heart and Impact of Speech-Language Pathology

Let us be inspired. Through personal narratives and meaningful stories, The Heartbeat of Speech-Language Pathology will ignite and re-energize your role as a speech-language pathologist.

An invited contributor and presenter for ASHA and various organizations across the country, Phuong Lien Palafox whole-heartedly understands that our work is about people.

The foundation and magic of our labor in speech-language pathology boils down to the humans we serve and the connections we make.  The best part is that we can address the comprehensive needs of our students and clients within the framework of evidence-based practices.

The Heartbeat of Speech-Language Pathology will:

  • Support the emotional, behavioral and cognitive needs of your students and clients through evidence-based practices
  • Transform and maximize your efforts for serving our diverse populations
  • Provide functional strategies that will improve your therapy.
  • Maximize your efforts as a speech-language pathologist throughout your career
  • Remind you why you choose to be a speech-language pathologist in the first place and how you make a difference, one session at a time.

For the last five years, Phuong and Thomas have worked together to empower him to tell his meaningful stories. Listen to Thomas share what he believes every human wants from his/her SLP. Phuong whole-heartedly agrees.

21 reviews for The Heartbeat of Speech-Language Pathology

  1. Judy Rudebusch Rich, Ed.D., CCC-SLP

    Phuong Palafox finds the beat to touch our SLP-hearts.  She honors us with her stories in a way that opens us up to our own–all so that we can assist our clients with the most important thing of all:  communication.

  2. Gina Glover, M.S., CCC-SLP

    This book is a must read for all SLPs, especially those working in schools. The thoughts, stories and insights shared in this book will bring the passion back in your work and remind you why you became an SLP. Every word is meaningful and will energize you if you are feeling burned out and overwhelmed by the demands of an SLP’s work life.

  3. Ellen Kester, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

    Our field has been needing this book for a long while. We’re glad it’s finally here. Amazing work, Phuong Palafox!

  4. Max J. Pell

    Phuong Palafox has captured lightning in The Heartbeat of Speech-Language Pathology: Changing the World One Session at a Time. I’m currently at the beginning of my 6th year working as a speech-language pathologist, and this book left me with both a boost of confidence and reassurance, while also wishing I had been able to read these words when I was first starting out. In this book, Phuong makes clear that speech-language pathology is a human profession and provides a multitude of resources, personal experiences, pep talks, and laughs — all while acknowledging and honoring the humanity of not only speech-language pathologists, but of individuals we serve and their families. I would recommend The Heartbeat of Speech-Language Pathology: Changing the World One Session to any speech-language pathologist or student, because it is a book that we can all identify with and will leave us all feeling understood, supported, and empowered. What we, as speech-language pathologists are called to do for our clients and our clients’ families, Phuong has done for us in this book.

  5. Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

    I just love this book! It is a fast and easy read, and as a professor and public school (part time) SLP, I was very inspired and motivated. Phuong shares her touching personal story as the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, and gives the reader an inside look at growing up in Texas where she served as a translator for her parents starting at an early age. There are also practical strategies for therapy in various areas, and Phuong cites research to support them. Honestly, I’ve not seen a book that manages to touch both my mind and my heart like this book did. When you need that shot in the arm to just keep going, reach for this warmly written book that shines with grace and love.

  6. Robyn M.

    If you are a speech-language pathologist, you will LOVE everything about this book, especially if you work in the schools! I highly recommend reading this book at the beginning of a new school year to help you get excited for the new school year. Then read it again during the winter break to help you re-charge for the second half of the school year. Finally, it would be great to read it again at the end of the school year to help remind you WHY we are in this field when the demands of the job are so high. This also is a great read for students who have recently graduated and are beginning their careers. Phuong uses her personal stories to help the reader understand how to reach the “heart” of people we work with. This book helps you reflect on “why” you became a speech-language pathologist and how we can best connect with our clients. Overall, this is a wonderful book!

  7. Toya Harris

    The Heartbeat of Speech-Language Pathology truly touched my SLP heart! Phuong understands the day to day, real life challenges and joys of SLP life. She both validates and celebrates all the hard work that we do, because our work is IMPORTANT! I would buy this book for every single Speech-Language Patholgist that I know, from new grads to seasoned professionals. My copy is full of underlined and starred sections! This is a very special book (:
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  8. Kimberly McCollum

    This is year 22 for me as a school-based Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). More than 11 of those years were spent as the lead SLP for a large suburban school district. I can say, without reservation, that this book is a gift to SLPs everywhere and one of the best I have read about my beloved profession. I think it offers an especially important message to all of the school-based SLPs out there. I appreciated the many helpful therapy tips that were offered. What I found most helpful was the positive inspiration found throughout the book. SLPs everywhere are overworked and underpaid. The focus on legal/compliance issues is wearing us down. The message found here is an inspirational reminder of the reason we chose our work and the reason we continue to choose it in spite of the challenges. We want to help our students/clients/patients be able to tell their stories! What more important role in the life of a human being? I was reminded me of the importance of first connecting with students, patients and families in a way that works for them. That is the foundation of our work. Connection and relationships are the name of the game. “Win the heart to win the head”. It is also affirming and a reminder that, as SLPs, we DO know what we are doing. So many of us second guess ourselves and question our value. The author’s message conveys wisdom and authenticity as she reminds us of our value. She speaks from a place of personal experience about the importance of serving a diverse population with respect and the difference that can make for an individual and/or family. The way she honors school based SLPs is touching and just what I needed during the beginning of year craziness where, for me, the students and staff can get lost in a sea of paperwork and compliance. I am grateful for this reminder to explore my “why” and to get back to The Heartbeat of Speech/Language Pathology”.

  9. Lisa Rukovena

    A refreshing, heartening, and informative read. “The Heartbeat” covers the gamut from best practice for therapy to the innumerable moment when we’re ready to throw in the towel – and the reasons that we don’t. This is the book/wisdom that I wish I’d had when starting my career and the book/wisdom that keeps me going.

    1. I finished the read during a little self care with JT and Destiny’s Child crooning over my head. Enjoyable and apropos.
    2. The moment that the book brought me to tears.
    3. When Phuong acknowledged her super power … making others cry.

  10. Kate G.

    An invigorating and honest read. Thank you Phuong for capturing the many facets of being a working SLP; the many feelings and the many roles we take on. This book provides strategy and guidance while tending to the matters of the heart, that can so often get pushed to the side because of productivity demands/paperwork/stress/overwhelm. Great read, highly recommend for those in any stage of becoming or being an SLP.

  11. T. Newby

    This book is unlike other speech-language pathology books. While it draws numerous references to research, the heart of “The Heartbeat” lies in the author’s emphasis on relationships between client/family and therapist. The author is not afraid to share her personal stories from childhood and in professional practice. Instead, she uses these as opportunities to create connections that can lead to therapeutic breakthroughs both small and large, all triumphant.

    Palafox is a leader in the field of not only speech-language therapy, but also in her authenticity. Through the pages of this book, it is easy to see that she believes in her clients and in our field. She empathizes, motivates, and encourages us to continue to reaching for our best selves and our clients’ best selves.

    This book serves as a great guidebook for therapists to feel re-invigorated and proud of our field of practice! Keep it close in your bag– on those hard days, it will provide affirmation that our work as speech-language pathologists and as “fellow humans” is both relevant and a privilege.

  12. Chelsea Cornejo

    I read this book on a Sunday when the “Sunday scaries” hit and it had a very calming effect. This book helped me feel empowered and encouraged and it contained so much useful information for our field. If you have been lucky enough to spend even a few minutes with Phuong, you know what a kind, empathetic, and hard working person she is and this book truly feels like an extension of her.

    My three takeaways from this book: 1. Our job is rewarding. We get to help people communicate their wants/needs, feelings, and thoughts. We help families understand and communicate with their loved ones. We are so lucky. 2. Our jobs are hard. There is so much about our job that often feels like it is getting in the way of therapy. We have ARD/ IEP deadlines, evaluation deadlines, referrals, high caseload numbers, etc. that cause anxiety and stress. The stress that comes with our jobs needs to change and we need to find a way to achieve work/life balance and advocate for ourselves when the demands of the job become too much. 3. Diversity is beautiful and we need to continue honoring and supporting our diverse clients. This means encouraging our families to continue speaking to their children in their native language, honoring culture, and empowering our clients to be proud of their culture and identity.

    Thank you, Phuong for writing a book that helps empower and encourage. You are a gift to our field.

  13. Liza Sánchez

    Wow, just wow. If you’ve ever had the honor of hearing Phuong at a conference then know that you’ll get the same warmth and passion conveyed through this book. If you haven’t had the pleasure, this book will feel as if you’re listening to that friend that gives great advice and helps regain your confidence and drive all while teaching you something, without it feeling like a lecture. Phuong reminds us SLPs to use our heART within the art of speech-language pathology. This is a great and easy read and I recommend it fully!

  14. Silvia Martin

    Couldn’t recommend this book more! As a graduate student, it left me captivated, inspired, and in awe of the amazing profession I’m entering and the incredible people I’ll be working alongside. Different people will resonate with different parts of Phuong’s story. I personally related to her passages about imposter syndrome and wanting to be a school SLP despite all the messages of doubt others cast on the setting. You will laugh, cry, and leave with a good feeling in your soul!

  15. Kara Sanchez MA CCC-SLP

    This book is amazing. It is unique. Phuong validates, motivates and empowers SLPs. For parents, this book gives invaluable insight into the professional working with your child. For researchers and professors, this book is a must read. She accurately describes the workload and challenges of practicing SLPs. Her book provides a canvas for researchers to conduct meaningful research that is applicable to working clinicians.

    Aside from being insightful for anyone in the field, this book is a beautiful read. Her life stories are woven through the text, highlighting the passion and love for the field of speech pathology. It leaves you wanting to read more of her work. Thank you, Phuong.

  16. Patricia (Trici) Schraeder, MS, CCC-SLP

    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! for writing your powerful book! The poetic beauty of your words touched my heart. I felt a celebration of that human connection between communication and quality of life as I read each page. Your words often brought tears to my eyes as I read about your sacred journey. I wish that every SLP who is doing a Clinical Fellowship was required to read your book during the second half of their CF. That would be perfect timing because they would have a little experience, but still be fresh to the profession. Again, BRAVO!!!! BRAVISSIMO!!!

  17. Laura Finkel

    From equity to vulnerability, this book had everything I needed to get energized for a new school year. I’ll be reading this book at the beginning of every school year from here on out. I read it all in one go because it was so captivating and meaningful and everything I needed.

  18. Jane A.

    As other noted, this is not a long book. I read it on a plane ride home from a 3 day training. Also, as others state, it shook up my world view and reminded me that my work is important, that I’m more than my productivity and documentation. It made me cry, both happy and sad tears. If you’re a school SLP, I recommend it.
    Jane Aldridge, M.S., CCC-SLP

  19. Leanna Vollintine, MA, CCC-SLP

    I have never been one to highlight, dog-ear, or write in a book. Until now. So many nuggets of information for my SLP heart and mind to reflect on, remember, and utilize. Phuong captures the importance of our work as an empathic profession…open hearts and open minds, backed by research, EBP, and experience – all with the focus of helping others with their communication to interact with those around them. I love my chosen profession, and love this book…it reminds my of my WHY.

  20. Maria Hernandez, MT

    This book is written with such professionalism and love! Bilinguistics and Mrs. Phuong are the light on the darkest days of any parent with kids with speech disabilities.
    To all speech pathologies up there, thank you for choosing this profession!!!

  21. Mairin Srygley

    This book is essential reading for the SLP. It inspires a true commitment to family-centered and client-centered practice that is hard to find in other texts about our field. I encourage everyone to buy a copy and you will feel a renewed sense of why you are here and working as an SLP.

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