For most of us, this whole idea of teletherapy is a new thing. We can wrap our minds around how to intervene with an older child pretty quickly. Even a bilingual older child makes sense, well, for 1: they talk! and for 2: which we can’t take for granted, they can use technology. But what about teletherapy with young children.

Teletherapy with Young Children

I don’t know about you, but my caseload is pretty heavy on the younger kids. Luckily, there are some SLPs out there who have been working with younger kids in a remote setting. And, there are also a lot of free resources out there to help us share strategies and developmental milestones with parents.

I am going to jump right in and share what we have gathered to help us effectively do teletherapy with young children.

As was prepping for a teletherapy session with a 2-year old tomorrow, I came across this youtube channel. They recently posted some examples of teletherapy with toddlers. I found them helpful and I’m hoping you do too! 

Teletherapy Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Teletherapy Activities for Preschoolers

young children therapy materials

I created a library of resources on my computer for my families that have 2-year-olds and I wanted to share. I rounded up early intervention resources from ASHA, SuperDuper, and from other speech therapists of functional activities for them to do at home.

This is from a nice article for activities for a late talker:

Top 15 “Play” Games To Encourage First Words

This one is from ASHA and is divided into Birth-2, 2-4, and 4-6 year groupings:

Activities to Encourage Speech-Language Development

Apps to Use in Teletherapy with Young Children

And let’s finish up with some great apps to use with the little guys. These suggestions came from Top 5 Apps for Toddlers in Speech Therapy


Level 1 -contains instructions of 1 main word and is suitable for children at a developmental level of about 18 months onward, e.g. “find the apple”

Itsy Bitsy Spider- Easter Egg

Engages in story time while teaching them cause and effect, turn taking, identification, and counting to 10.

Sound Touch

You can tap on different animals to hear the sounds that they make to practice speech sounds like “moo,” “baa,” etc.

Speak Colors

You can practice labeling colors and nouns. This is also great for modeling simple sentences.

Articulation Station

This is a great app if you’re looking for picture cards. You could focus on age-appropriate sounds, which include “p, b, m, and w.” You can make simple sentences with the picture cards after showing her i.e. “I see the pig” or you can use their ready made sentences. The cards are English only.

Elmo Loves ABC’s

A way to expose and practice the ABC’s.

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