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Have you ever said:   Where did I put that?   Or how about those  emails we get from our colleagues requesting help with information we know that we have just seen (somewhere). Or, or, have you every saved a beautiful therapy idea only to find it the week after you were working on that theme?  Let’s stop reinventing the wheel, and put all of our Speech Therapy Resources in one place.

SLPs find a lot of great content that we can adapt for speech therapy but we lack a single place and a way we can search for it.

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We built 6 new pages on our website to collect and share resources for Speech Language Pathologists.  Find them on our Resource Library above or take a tour of the pages below.  Bookmark these pages and add them to your website.

Best Speech Therapy Apps

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Find apps that have been categorized and searchable by:

  • Speech Language Goals
  • Price
  • Language
  • Type such as games, themes, etc.

Find this here: Speech Therapy Apps 

Resources on Communication Disorders for Parents and Teachers (and us!)

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Have research you need to cite or need information to provide to a parent after a new diagnosis?   Find resources for parents, definitions, and evaluation and therapy considerations. Communication Disorder Resources pages can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf.

Find this here: Communication Resources for Parents

Great Storybooks for Speech Therapy

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We all love great children’s storybooks.  Find out which storybooks SLPs love and how they use them.  We have included links to each book and descriptions that are searchable by:

  • Speech Language Goals
  • Price
  • Themes
  • Type such as circular, cumulative, rhyme, song, etc.

Find this here:  Books for Speech Therapy 

Music for Speech Therapy

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Ever had those songs twirling around in your head for days after you left the pre-school classroom?  This chart of songs includes titles in Spanish and English and links to the songs on iTunes or Amazon.  Save tons of time by downloading materials that SLPs have made to go with the songs.

Find this here: Music for Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Referral Forms

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Over 60 pages of referral and data collection sheets for SLPs and teachers!  We work across dozens of districts and hundreds of campuses and have tested the forms below until they rated high on the happy meter for teachers, administrators, and speech pathologists alike. Just four pages from the referral packet get you ALL the information you need to create a solid referral. It is an interactive image that lets you hop around to the sheets you need need immediately.

Find this here: Speech Therapy Referral Documents  


Speech Therapy Goal Bank in Spanish and English

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Find measurable goals in Spanish and English that align with classroom concerns and objectives.  We are continually adding to the following areas to create an extensive database. 

  • Expressive, Receptive, and Pragmatic Language
  • Articulation
  • Phonology
  • Fluency
  • Voice

Like our therapy, these pages are a continual work in progress.  In order for them to be of use to us, they have to be able to continually grow with the new and brilliant materials that our field is finding and developing every day.

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