In our series highlighting the work of clinicians researching AAE and advocating for our Black clients, we will introduce you to a few SLPs who are on a mission to increase diversity and inclusion for minority groups in therapy. 

How often do we tie learning new language and concepts to previous and existing experiences?  ALL the time, right? Some of colleagues have developed really great resources for helping our clients tie new learning to their existing experiences. Let’s hear from the pros.

Below you will find information on the following clinicians:

  • WHO they are
  • WHAT they do/study
  • HOW to tap into their work and continue to learn more from them

WHO: Shontaye (Taye) Glover, M.S., CCC-SLP

Shontaye (Taye) Glover, M.S., CCC-SLP

Shontaye (Taye) Glover, M.S., CCC-SLP is a Speech Language Pathologist, serving clients in public schools and in her private practice (Having Our Say) in New Jersey.

WHAT she does:

Taye is a passionate author and youth literacy advocate with a commitment to increasing diversity in children’s literature. Through her speaking engagements and presentations she has presented to over 18,000 professionals on the importance of diversity and inclusivity in children’s literature.  In addition to authoring and publishing her first book, Liam’s First Cut (a story about a Black boy with autism, preparing for his first trip to the barbershop), Taye provides resources on using inclusive books in literacy based intervention and offers an extensive list of diverse children’s books, listed by category, available on her website here: 

having our say website

HOW to learn more:

She is the founder of Having Our Say and corresponding social media pages (Instagram and Facebook), where she provides regular content and resources for SLPs and parents.  Shontaye also publishes a monthly blog.

On her Having Our Say Facebook Page, she hosts a weekly Facebook Live event, entitled “Be Seen & Heard”  featuring other educators, SLPs, and authors whose products or services uplift and amplify children from marginalized communities.

Don’t forget to order her book to add to your collection!

liams first cut

WHO: Lakeisha Johnson, Ph.D.,CCC-SLP 

Lakeisha Johnson

Dr. Lakeisha Johnson’s primary research interests include language, literacy, dialect, and executive function development in African American children and other at-risk populations.

WHAT she does:

It is her mission to investigate the aforementioned areas while strengthening partnerships between the university and the local community to bridge research to practice gaps.  Currently, Dr. Johnson is an assistant professor in the School of Communication Science & Disorders at Florida State University and the director of The Village at the Florida Center for Reading Research

She is the owner of Maya’s Book Nook, a website that provides parents and educators with resources needed to build strong language and literacy foundations through diverse children’s literature.  Dr. Johnson also provides professional development to educators, SLPs, and other practitioners who are interested in evidence-based reading practices for children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

mayas book nook

HOW to learn more:

Check out Maya’s Book Nook for book reviews, story guides focused on developing language, author interviews, language and literacy tips, and fun activities to promote these skills in young children, using diverse children’s literature.

She is also active on Facebook and Instagram.

WHO: Jordyn Carroll, M.S., CCC-SLP

Jordyn Carroll

Jordyn Carroll is a proud alumna of Howard University, where she received her M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  Jordyn is currently licensed in Washington, D.C., serving grades Pre-K to 12th grade.

WHAT she does:

Jordyn is a proud alumna of Howard University, where she received her M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  Jordyn is currently licensed in Washington, D.C., serving grades Pre-K to 12th grade. She has provided services in California, the Bahamas, and Guatemala. With a passion for cultural responsiveness and holistic childhood development, Jordyn incorporates a variety of strategies including music, movement, culture, mindfulness and meditation. She also provides educational advocacy for families and clients.

Jordyn uses her social media platform to serve as representation in and outside of the field of speech-language pathology.  Via Instagram, Jordyn provides numerous resources for students entering the field of SLP or Education, Black women’s issues, culture and diversity, active antiracism resources and education for professionals, social media presence advice, and guest speaking opportunities. She started her business based on advocacy, representative materials and apparel, and “being the person she needed when she was younger.”

HOW to learn more:

views from the 8 percent

Tune in to her podcast! Views from the 8%, where Jordyn shares the perspectives of minoritized speech pathologists, students, and related professionals. 

Follow her on Instagram for literature and resources on AAE, anti-racism, ongoing learning and education, and book recommendations for therapy and to progress your own work in anti-racism.  

Check out her Boom store for speech therapy resources! She’s got a wide range of activities targeting goals such as following directions, increasing MLU, basic concepts, artic screeners, and more!

Contact her for speech/language resources on JRCtheSLP, check out her continuing ed courses available, and also snag some swag!

WHO: Amanda Pericles, M.S., CF-SLP

For our younger clinicians, CFs, and grad students reading— you do NOT need to have 10+ years of experience to wait to put useful resources out there! Let us celebrate our last clinician (for now) for her work as a new grad!

Amanda Pericles is a graduate from Northeastern University. She identifies as a bilingual, Black, Dominican-American woman (she/her), a first-generation college student, and a daughter of immigrants.

WHAT she does:

Amanda is passionate about diversity and representation, mentorship, and has a special interest in voice disorders, swallowing disorders, and traumatic brain injury. She has been a guest speaker on a number of speech-language pathology related podcasts, as well as a guest writer for both NSSLHA and ASHA blogs!  She provides numerous resources for grad students, new grads, and clinicians of color through Instagram,  including literature, podcasts, scholarships and organizations to join!

HOW to learn more:

Follow her on Instagram for regular content including: book reviews, info on pediatric feeding, resources for SLPs, and thought provoking questions, plus a few good laughs!  @theblackspeechie

One more resource before you go (not a SLP, but a great site to add to your toolbar)!

WHO: Black Baby Books (A Boxxout Enterprises Brand) – Veronica N. Chapman Founder

WHAT they do:

Black Baby Books makes it easier to discover children’s books, and now a toy, with Black characters. This platform was created by author and serial entrepreneur, Veronica N. Chapman, who launched this initiative in response to feedback she received from parents, mentors, and guardians who found it hard to access children’s books with Black characters.  Black Baby Books has HUNDREDS of children’s books with Black characters available to get ideas for your next trip to the library, or to shop directly!

HOW to learn more:

Instagram & Facebook

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