literature-based intervention booksChoosing the right book is crucial for engaging the students

The clock is ticking on the end of the school year and we need to find therapy materials fast.  The general criteria for choosing a book are that it must:

  • Be age-appropriate
  • Be interesting to children
  • Have some pertinence to a student’s goals

Where do we quickly find appropriate literature-based intervention books?

Books that include repetition, simplicity, humor, and great illustrations are often successful with students who have speech and language difficulties.  Books that are already in use in the classroom can have a dramatic effect on a student’s success due to familiarity and repetition.

Fortunately, the school environment abounds with resources and support to help choose books that meet your students’ needs.

Best 3 Resources for Literature-based Intervention Books

literature-based intervention booksSchool Librarians:

Librarians are usually very helpful in choosing the appropriate level and themes for the students.  They are very knowledgeable about book content and are insightful in suggesting books when given an educator’s mission.    Depending on the size of the school, librarians often know most of the students personally and can offer suggestions on topics that are popular your students and their peers.

literature-based intervention booksClassroom Teachers, Resource Teachers, and Speech-Language Pathologists

The classroom teacher can provide a schedule of themes that will be taught in the classroom.  By using these themes we create more opportunities for a student to practice.  Repetition of topics boosts confidence because your student has already established a knowledge base on the topic and the vocabulary is familiar.  The repetition of themes also encourages carryover of speech and language goals into the classroom setting.

literature-based intervention booksInternet Resources:

1.  ALSC Institute provides a list of recommended books in Spanish and in English about Latinos. (2015: Celebrating Diverse Latino Cultures, Literature, and Literacy Everyday).
2.  Scholastic has a site dedicated to Predictable books. Search for books by reading level, DRA, grade level equivalent, or Guided Reading level (A-Z). It provides information about the genre of the book, book summaries, short clip of text from book, themes/subjects in the book (cooking, seasons) as well as free teaching resources to go along with many of the story book (2015).

Literacy-Based Speech and Language Therapy Activities
Content for this essay adapted from Literacy-Based Speech and Language Activities. Use it to learn how to effectively organize your therapy so that your therapy materials go a long way.
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