life skills classroomHow to Modifying Intervention

Planning ahead is essential when working with children with profound disabilities.  In order to access the curriculum, activities may need to be modified to take into account physical, emotional, or communication impairments.  The modifications page of each lesson you make should include suggestions for modifying intervention for students with a variety of physical and behavioral impairments as well as ways to modify for varying levels of communication.

By making changes to how the material is accessed,  we allow the student to be successful while retaining the core knowledge that is the focus of the lesson.  The Community Workers example below demonstrates how this can be achieved.  Also, we provided a blank table at the bottom so you can create your own modifications table if you are planning to implement your own lessons with groups or individual students.

Modification Example:  Community Workers

life skills classroomMaterials are made or gathered around a topic such as community.  They vary in size, wording, and texture to accommodate different limitations. Here are suggestions for modifying the activity for different physical or intellectual limitations.

life skills classroom

life skills classroom

And here is a template to build your own! Right click and save to download it to your computer.

life skills classroom


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