The SLP-Life can feel overwhelming–IEP meetings, evaluations, report writing, trainings, making materials, programming devices.  At times, we sometimes find ourselves losing sight of why we are in this profession.  We are keeping it light this week with a poem by Phuong. If you’ve got a music service like Spotify or AppleMusic, search Tone-Loc karaoke and pick a beat.


I am your SLP, and we will always have work to do.  Today, I want to let you inside my daily thoughts.  I have the best job in the world, and it is because of you.  And, for that, I thank you.

I had a choice, and I chose well.
Give all a voice is what I yearn.
My craft, my art is sounds and words.
I learn and work. I work, then learn.

My tools reside within my mouth.
Let’s find your ssssssounds—repeat, repeat!
We need your song, your big, big thoughts.
Success and pride you’ll surely meet.

I see your face, your message unheard.
Let’s find a mode to suit your days.
Use words, pictures, a clutch device?
I’m by your side, and we’ll find a way!

Most days are long and all are hard.
To reach great goals and hope within.
Great things take effort and much, much heart.
With work, success comes sauntering in.

I think of you, early morn’ ‘til moon up.
We will find your message and yell it with glee
My days, with awesome-you, are grand.
With much, much love, Your SLP.

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