When talking about leading experts in VPI and Cleft Palate it is hard to beat Dr. Ann Kummer who worked at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for over 40 years and retired as their Senior Director of Speech-Language Pathology. She continues to teach at the University of Cincinnati as professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Professor of Otolaryngology.

We sat down to talk about all things VPI in the run up to our SLP Impact Masterclass: Management of Speech and Resonance Disorders due to Velopharyngeal Insufficiency (VPI). Here are some amazing answers to three common questions. Then, join us July 12th for the full presentation. All SLP Impact Members have access to all off our Master Classes and summer and winter conferences..

What are some of the challenges associated with identification of velopharyngeal dysfunction in children?

What is an SLP’s role in treating VPI?

Are there cultural groups that have a higher prevalence of VPD than others?

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