Dr. Kris Brock from Idaho State University sat down to talk with us about the current state of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). It was a fascinating conversation about how grad school needs to change, technology changes that will improve how we work with bilingual clients, and most importantly, the best way for us as SLPs to ramp up our AAC skills to best serve ACC clients.

We captured the highlights in these 4 videos coming in just under 5 minutes total.

What do you recommend for SLPs seeking to become better versed in AAC?

What service delivery models yield the best results for AAC users?

What are some of the linguistic challenges with AAC that arise when working with bilingual children?

How do we improve training at the graduate school level so SLPs are more prepared when entering the field?

Hear the Whole Story and Earn CEUs!

Treatment Intensity in AAC: What is Normal and Should We Change?

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