Wow. That’s all I can say. After 20+ years as an SLP, my stuttering therapy and evaluating have completely changed after time spent with stuttering expert, professor, and President of Stuttering Therapy Resources, Scott Yaruss. Watching these short videos below. And, this is only a snapshot of his full presentation: Everything Has Changed: New Views About Stuttering Therapy.

Enjoy these highlights and please share this out with all SLPs. Everyone needs to be brought up to speed. Then, click down below to find out about his full presentation.

Why should the field of speech-language pathology shift from the term “fluency” to “stuttering?”

What is “Verbal Diversity” as it relates to the new movement towards Neural Diversity?

Are Speak Freely and Speak Fluently oppositional approaches or can we use both?

Are technological advances making a big impact in the lives of people who stutter?

Are there ways that technology is exacerbating communication difficulties of people who stutter?

Are there differences in the stuttering assessment process if a child is bilingual? Absolutely.

Don’t Miss It!  Everything Has Changed: New Views About Stuttering Therapy

Got the full story in this 90-minute presentation by Dr. Yaruss. Click here for details. SLP Impact Members watch for free.

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