Have you ever worked with a student who uses an AAC device and felt like the system they were using just didn’t allow them the vocabulary that they needed to communicate across their different environments? It is certainly a challenge that many of us have faced. That’s why we took some time to speak with a speech language pathologist from a large urban district who spends her days traveling to dozens of campuses to support her SLP colleagues.

For most of us, we have our own perspective. However, with her vast experience it is enlightening to see the SLP world through her eyes as she describes what we are all facing, how best to make progress, and how the field is doing as a whole. Check out these excerpts from our interview below.

What Are Some of the Greatest Challenges SLPs Have when Trying to Use AAC?

What Are Some of the Challenges for Bilingual Students Trying to Use AAC?

What are Some Strategies to Get Teachers to Implement AAC and AT Strategies and Use of Devices in the Classroom?

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