We got this email a while back that didn’t make us feel too good. 

“Thank you for everything you do! Considering that you serve hearing-impaired kids, would you include closed-captioning on your courses and videos?”

An SLP was pointing out that Bilinguistics serves people with communication impairments and none of our videos have subtitles.  She was absolutely right! But we have over 100 recorded hours and I nearly passed out just thinking about how to make that happen. 

Luckily,  we found technology to help us do this, and Bilinguistics is proud to announce that starting NOW, all of our courses and videos on our websites and many of our videos on social media will be subtitled. 

This is an investment in the people we serve. It is an investment to all of you SLPs trying to watch how-to videos to advance your skills in crowded lunchrooms and places you can’t listen.  It, is, an investment in all of you who are trying to share resources with teachers in classrooms with easily distractible students.

And as a funny aside, the software we are using mistranslates Bilinguistics

So it’s not perfect all the time. but hopefully you will get a laugh alongside some great information.

Here’s to Better Hearing and Speech Month!

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