We all have our areas that we geek out on, and we also have areas that we know very little about and need information fast!  We polled SLPs to find out which speech therapy blog they adored or flew to in times of crisis and updated them for the current year.

Best Speech Therapy Blog for Specific Disorders

best speech therapy blog ashaThe ASHA Leader Blog articles are written by probably the largest variety of speech pathologists contributing to one source.  Their speech-language pathology categories allow you to rapidly move into content that interests you most:  aging, aphasia, apraxia, etc.

Best Speech Therapy Blog for Current News

best speech therapy blogIf you are like me then you appreciate when someone has gone through the trouble of scouring the internet for speech-related news.  The speech therapy blog at Pediastaff curates information from major news outlets that is related to speech or of interest to SLPS.  It can be a really enjoyable and easy way to keep up with what is going on in the world.

Best Speech Therapy Blog for Finding Speech Therapy Materials

best speech therapy blogSublime Speech showcases apps, games, books, and printables that are great for speech therapy and for speech therapists who commute.

Best Speech Therapy Blog for Using Technology

best speech therapy blogBecome more tech-savvy by learning how technology can dramatically improve interventions.   I saw technology as a go-to for certain disorders but after tuning into Sean’s blog, I see how it can improve everything that I am doing.  Speech Techie introduces us to websites, programs, and tools that can be adapted for our therapy.

Best Speech Therapy Blog for Unique Therapy Ideas

best speech therapy blogHas the sizzle gone out of your therapy?  Is your motivational tank on E?  We all hit this wall when our busy-ness collides with our business and we aren’t as pumped up for our kids as we want to be.  On that day head over to Erik J. Raj’s blog for some fun inspiration that will rekindle your efforts and reengage your students.

Best Speech Therapy Blog for Parents with Kids with Needs

best speech therapy blogNot specifically a speech therapy blog, Love That Max is a highly motivational and optimistic blog that celebrates the children we work with while educating us at the same time.  You get to follow a family’s story and link to the resources that they find along the way.[hr]

Best Speech Therapy Blog for Language Therapy

We have to share our own stuff here because in our pursuit to find resources that can be used with children from different cultures, we have amassed a huge number of resources to grow language.  Check out the best books for speech therapy, the best apps for speech therapy, music for speech therapy, our speech therapy referral paperwork, and our goal bank.  The lion’s share of our blog posts are directed at narrative and language development.

Best Speech Therapy Blog for Articulation Therapy

best speech therapy blogResources abound on articulation therapy but we find ourselves coming back to the worksheets page on Mommy Speech Therapy because it is simple, direct, and well-organized.  Print what you need for your parents or yourselves and run with it!

Best Speech Therapy Blog for AAC

best speech therapy blog aacPrAACtical AAC shares their love for all things AAC.  The best part of the website is that they have digestible pieces in their “Strategy of the Month”  and “Video of the Week” sections.  It is super easy to get overwhelmed with AAC but PrAACtical AAC spoon feeds it to you and makes you feel more confident.

Best Speech Therapy Blog for Down Syndrome

best speech therapy blogThis isn’t specifically a speech therapy blog.  Written from the perspective of a father, Noah’s Dad is a great place for updated resources for both parents and professionals.   It is kind of a “day in the life” story of Down Syndrome looking at the life of a child from all angles.

Best Speech Therapy Blog for Apraxia

best speech therapy blog apraxiaApraxia Kids is a very resource-driven site offering a library of resources, videos, and a really great family start guide.  We may see Apraxia on our caseload infrequently but this website provides us and parents with immediate, understandable information.

Best Speech Therapy Blog for Feeding

best speech therapy blog feedingFeeding is another area of speech pathology that is almost its own sub-specialty.  Ages and Stages unites information on feeding, serves as a resource, and also offers courses for those of us who need to increase our knowledge.  We couldn’t leave this topic without mentioning ChewChewMama, which shares great suggestions for food ideas to support our parents.

Best Speech Therapy Blog for Social Skills

Jill Kuzma is a maverick and guru in the area of social-pragmatic skills.  Her site, Jill Kuzma’s SLP Social & Emotional Skill Sharing Site, provides information on how to best serve our students and clients with social skills needs.  You will find teaching ideas for executive functioning, visuals for conversational skills and so much more.

Best Blog for Understanding the Challenges of Raising a Child with Autism

Speaking of Autism shares the parent perspective of raising a child with autism.  It provides support and ideas for parents and allows helps them know they are not alone.

And of course, if your caseload is as diverse as ours, you are also in the right place!  Improve your therapy by subscribing to our weekly posts.  Do you have a favorite blog that was not mentioned here?  Please share below!

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