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Our SLPs at Bilinguistics have been using iPads in therapy for a while now, and we’ve all Best Apps for Speech Therapyencountered both the benefits of the technology and the challenges of using it well.

Benefits: iPads are FUN! They are LIGHTWEIGHT! There is such a wide VARIETY of apps to choose from!

Variety – That last one can also be kind of a bummer – so many apps means so much trial and error and trial and success and trial and error again and again.

So as the years have passed, we’ve slowly been gathering knowledge and experience with iPads and the Apps that we love and now…drumroll please…

We are ready to share them with you!

Scott Prath, SLP & website developer extraordinaire, created a really cool webpage for us (and for you!) where you can see what apps we’re using and actually search through them like you were shopping on Amazon with direct links to their pages in the App Store. This site is like “The App Store for SLPs”…because, well, we’re the SLPs who created it…for ourselves…it’s awesome!

Best Apps for Speech TherapyBest Apps for Speech Therapy

You can search for apps for speech therapy by:

  • Price
  • What goals the app can target
  • What kind of app it is/how we use it

(And of course…because we’re crazy about different languages here at Bilinguistics:)

  • Even what LANGUAGE the app is offered in!

What are you waiting for!? 

Check out the new Best Apps for Speech Therapy site for yourself! We’ll be updating it regularly as we find new apps that we want to share with you. Remember, these are our favorite apps. They’re applications that we’ve  already tried and app-lied (see what I did there?) with our own caseloads. It’s our own #1 reference for finding new apps and we hope you’ll find it as fun and useful as we have.

Go to Best Apps for Speech Therapy Page

What apps did we forget to include on the site? Leave a comment below with your favorite app and how you use it in therapy. We’d love to try it out and include in on the website.

We are also big fans of Barbara Fernandez and her work at Geek SLP.

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