Auditory processing overlaps with so many of the difficulties that we are treating and diagnosing in speech pathology. Does a child have a receptive language disorder or is he having difficulty processing what he is hearing? Is a bilingual child so new to learning English that she mishears something or is it auditory processing? Is a child reacting to loud noises because of over-stimulus, emotional reactivity, pragmatic constraints, or all of the above?

We sat down with Dr. Jay Lucker, who not only spent decades studying auditory processing, but is one of those rare field members that is both SLP and Audiologist. Who better to answer these questions?

In the following three short videos he succinctly described the difference between auditory processing and language processing, how an auditory processing disorder is tested, and even the relationship between Autism and noise sensitivity.

This is 5 1/2 minutes well-spent. Then join us in SLP Impact to get the full story and earn CEUs. It’s a 90 minute live event called Auditory Processing Disorder or Language Disorder? Similarities and Differences.

What Is the Difference Between Auditory Processing and Language Processing?

What Does Testing for an Auditory Processing Disorder Look Like?

Why Is There Hypersensitivity to Noise in Disorders Like Autism and Auditory Processing?

All master classes are available inside SLP Impact.

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