Henriette W. Langdon, Ed.D., H-CCC-SLP, BCS-CL wrote the book on how SLPs can effectively and harmoniously work with interpreters. We don’t mean that figuratively! Working with Interpreters and Translators was required reading for many of our grad programs.

In preparation for a presentation she developed on interpreting (Collaborating with Interpreters and Translators to Serve Multilingual Populations), we sat down to talk with her about how working with interpreters has evolved over her 50 year career and what current best practices are. She is as humble as she is intelligent and she has an incredible story about why she got into this field and how she learned so many languages. She is a true living legend so we begin with a cameo video so you can get to know her and continue with three tough questions.

Enjoy these highlights and please share this out with all SLPs. Then, click down to at the end to watch a short clip about her presentation and how you can earn CEUs to learn what she has to share.

SLP Legacy Interview: Veteran Researcher on Interpreting – Meet Dr. Henriette Langdon

What Should We Do if An Interpreter (maybe you!) is Dropped into an IEP Meeting Without Training?

What Key Points Should SLPs Share with An Interpreter Before Walking into an Evaluation?

After decades of work, research, and publications in speech language pathology, how have you seen the field change?

Don’t Miss It!  Collaborating with Interpreters and Translators to Serve Multilingual Populations

Got the full story and earn CEUs in this 90-minute presentation by Dr. Henriette W. Langdon. Click here for details. SLP Impact Members watch for free.

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