May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. It’s also the month before many of us start summer vacation and have more time on our hands to watch movies. We’ve compiled a list of 9 great movies about individuals with disabilities. Happy watching!

The Speed Cubers

Speed Cubers is a short documentary about Rubik’s Cube solving competitions. Two top “cubers,” form an amazing friendship. One is Max Park, who has autism. This is a story about his journey, overcoming hardships, and the power of friendships.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

A young man with Down Syndrome escapes from an assisted living facility, befriends a fisherman, and has a goal to become a wrestler.


A young boy who has undergone many surgeries on his face starts 5th grade after being homeschooled because of his health needs. We go on an emotional journey with him in which he experiences bullying, anxiety, fear, and most importantly, kindness.

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin shares her story, describing social challenges throughout her life. She shows us how she uses her unique insights to advocate for animals.

Rain Man

A young man with autism who lives in an institution first meets his brother when their father dies. His brother, interested in his inheritance, checks his autistic brother out and they go on a journey together that changes both of their lives.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

A young man in a rural Midwest town struggles as he has the responsibility of caring for his brother, who has intellectual disability, and his mother, who is obese and cannot leave the house. He is on a journey to find happiness.

The King’s Speech

Prince Albert of England ascends the throne as King George VI and has to give a speech to the people. He is a person who stutters. He enlists the help of a speech therapist to help him overcome his fears and prepare for his speech.

The Tic Code

The story of two musical prodigies with Tourette syndrome.

The Miracle Worker

The story of Hellen Keller, who was deaf and blind, and how Anne Sullivan taught her to communicate.

Have a favorite you don’t see here? Let everyone know in the comments.

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