We are wrapping up our conference on speech sound disorders and the conversations and insights were just TOO GOOD to not capture. We boiled some of the best, most inspiring, and most impactful ideas into short clips.

In these four videos, Dr. Leah Fabiano-Smith talks about current state of our testing procedures and available measures and how these influence results when we are testing minoritized populations.

1. What is the Language Combination Effect and how should we assess the skills of both languages for bilingual children?

2. What happens when we only use standardized measures in testing bilingual and minoritized students?

3. What are some of the key ingredients to avoid misdiagnosing speech sound disorders in diverse children?

4. How does the speech language evaluation process need to change?

Want to see the full presentation?

Dr. Fabiano Smith was just one of four full presentations on speech sound disorders. All of the presentations were recorded and available inside SLP Impact. Come join us and attend all our conferences for free.

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