Terminology in our field is always changing and the neurodiversity movement has led us to reconsider some of the terms that we’ve used with regard to people who stutter. We wanted to understand what the most recent view is on this so we sat down with Nina Reeves, M.S. CCC-SLP BCS-F F-ASHA, board-certified specialist in fluency differences, and co-owner of Stuttering Therapy Resources.

In these short but precise videos, Nina Reeves walked us through current thinking on the word “fluency,” the term verbal diversity which she coined, and the fairness that is needed in assessing children who stutter in the general education classroom. Get the full story in the recording of the SLP Impact Community Master Class and earn CEUs.

Incorporating Verbal Diversity into Our Discussions on Stuttering

How is using the term “fluency” with regard to individuals who stutter ableist language?

SLP Reading Accommodations for Children Who Stutter

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