During the month of October, NPR ran a special series called “2 Languages, Many Voices: Latinos In The U.S.”  Guests included well-known authors and performers, including Rita Moreno and John Leguizamo.  The program offers a variety of perspectives on bilingualism and biculturalism that provide new insights into the experiences of this growing population group.  Here is the introduction to the series as found on their website at:

NPR: 2 Languages Many Voices

“Latinos make up America’s largest minority group — more than 50.5 million and growing. And more of that growth now comes from births than from immigration. The generations of Latinos born in the U.S. are bicultural and often bilingual. They’re making their mark on religion, technology, education, Hollywood and the workplace. A Morning Edition series looks at the ways Latinos are changing — and being changed by — the U.S.”

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