We have had incredible conversations with the speakers for our Diversity Conference on changes in the field and some really important current considerations related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Take 10 minutes and hear the answers to these 10 questions!

1. What is one of the biggest challenges facing our field right now?

2. Is there bias in the way we describe the language a child speaks at home and at school?

3. Can we intervene in one language and have it impact more than one language?

4. What is the impact of over-identification on the schools and children we work with?

5. How can we reduce the current biases in our field around bilingualism?

6. What is a better way to describe the linguistic “differences” of our students to reduce bias?

7. Can speech language pathologists evaluate a child who speaks a different language?

8. Why is there a disproportionate number of students from linguistically diverse backgrounds with lower reading levels?

9. How can we honor a student’s beliefs about their own communication?

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