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As we share our stories, we want you to be a part of the conversation. Speech-language pathology can be overwhelming at times. There is an intensity to serving children with needs and managing high administrative demands. And yet we love what we do. This blog, like many speech therapy blogs for SLPs is a respite from the hectic nature of our lives.

We are part of your village. SLPs, you change the world—one session at a time. Let’s get to work.



thank you for making us one of the best speech therapy blogs

Thank You for Making Us One of Best Speech Therapy Blogs for SLPs!

The best speech therapy blogs out there (which we are proud to count ourselves among!) do a few things very well.

Speech Therapy Blogs Listen

In your over 1600 comments you have told us what you need, what is going wrong, and when we gave you resources or information that hit home. When we see patterns in what is being commented on and read, we know what to research next to improve our lives collectively.

They Challenge Ideas and Produce Results

The best speech therapy blog essays call it like it is but then give examples, ideas, materials, and products that are real solutions that will work for anyone serving in a real environment. Caseloads, paperwork, and budget cuts anyone? The popularity of our 650+ essays is a testament to the fact that SLPs are not afraid to speak their minds and that we want the same change you do.

They Connect Humans

You have been our shoulder to cry on with tears of happiness and dismay when this unique experience we call speech language pathology moves us. So many connections and collaborations have come out of the interactions between the 30,000+ subscribers who have found kindred spirits who share the same passion.

Wow, I love this post! Thank you for illuminating the special nature of being able to enter a person’s home to work with their child.


This was such a concrete explanation of how important language specific constraints are…I’m grateful for this excellent resource, and will be sharing it with my grad school peers.


Thank you for this thought provoking read! As someone who has been an SLP for over 40 years, I have to agree with the majority of what you reported. I look forward to reviewing the supporting studies in the future!


We have faithfully committed to publishing at least one speech therapy blog essay every Thursday. This isn’t always easy with report deadlines and kids to see. But the powerful change we have been able to affect in the field is SLPs comment on what they are seeing and what they need most. YOU have made us one of the best speech therapy blogs and the change we can effect when everyone works together motivates us to keep researching, collaborating, and sharing out great work.

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